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Another Man


by Lionel Baier

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When he moves in with his girlfriend Christine in the Joux valley – on the crest of the Swiss Jura – François finds a job with the local newspaper. He has to write articles about the life of the region’s inhabitants and the films shown in the valley’s only cinema. Not being much of a critic, the young man doesn’t know what to think of the films, and simplifies his task by copying, word for word, reviews from the French magazine Travelling. Gradually, through his viewing and reading, he becomes a passionate film-lover and manages to get himself invites to press screenings in Lausanne. There he meets and falls for Rosa, an influential critic who seduces him. Dazzled by this brilliant, self-confident woman, he will do anything to please her, including dropping his friends and former loves to follow in her entourage, enjoying the reflected glory. A perverse relationship develops between them. He, quite malleable, discovers erotic pleasures and professional perspectives he could never have imagined…

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