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The Big Bad Wolf

Trailer [FR]

by Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavaine

mp4 (640x360) [14 MB]

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Once upon a time in 2012, three brothers lived happily. One day their mom fell into a coma. So Henri, Philippe, and Louis suddenly started wondering about the meaning of their lives and were swamped by a wave of existential doubts. An entirely new situation for this bourgeois trio in their forties, one which opened a door to the novel and indeed the forbidden... and to the big bad wolf! That's how little Riri fell in love, got caught out by his wife, and had to take refuge at Fi's place. That's how Fifi fell in love, and in turn got caught out by his wife, and so both brothers had to then take refuge at Loulou's, in his big, solid house. But was the eldest brother's house really that solid? And what if adult life isn't completely a children's fairy tale?

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