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Summer 82 When Zappa Came to Sicily

Clip 1 [it st en]

by Salvo Cuccia

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July 14, 1982. A young Sicilian doing his military serve in the north sets off on a journey to Palermo to attend to the last concert on the European tour of the legendary Frank Zappa, the eclectic and much loved rock star with Sicilian roots (1940-1993). An unforgettable journey, but one that culminated in a great disappointment: the young man did not arrive in time for his idol’s concert. That young man was Salvo Cuccia, who thirty years later picks up again the unused ticket and set out to reassemble the pieces of that particular moment in his life. The memory of his father, who died prematurely, is intertwined with the story of Frank’s family, that is now visiting the land of their forebears. And along with Zappa’s widow Gail, his children Moon, Diva and Dweezil, and Massimo Bassoli, great friend and biographer of the musician, Salvo Cuccia embarks on a journey/story made up of meetings and returns: a moving and ironic memoir. A story made of music and families, studded with never-before-seen images of the concert in 1982, interrupted by disturbances on the terraces and the reaction of the police, while outside fireworks and the crowd wildly celebrated the feast day of Santa Rosalia. Thus another Italy, another America and quite another music are brought back to life.

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