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This Is Not Cricket

Trailer [it st en]

by Jacopo De Bertoldi

mp4 (1920x1080) 3:37

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In Rome’s most multiethnic neighborhood, Fernando – a young man brought up by his aunt, a housemaid who's nostalgic for a neo-fascist party from her youth – and Shince – his best friend, a DOC Roman from an Indian family – fight for the survival of the Piazza Vittorio Cricket Club. From the time they first met as little boys, the camera follows them grow up. After their first games in their neighborhood’s parks, and after the international under-18 tournaments, their team falls apart and they make heroic efforts to put it back together. On and off the field, mingling laughter and despair, nights out drinking and rude awakenings, the two twenty-year-olds struggle to make way in a city that has no room for them. Sometimes attractive, sometimes repulsive, the reality that surrounds them doesn’t give them much of a foothold to pursue their dream: becoming stars in the world of cricket. They fight to keep their friendship alive while coming of age in a world that has always less to offer.

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