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Journey to Yourland

Trailer [en]

by Peter Budinský

mp4 (1920x1080) 1:54

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Riki, a 10 year old boy, runs away from home, following a mysterious emergency signal sent by a shiny stone. The strange artefact seems to have a mind of its own and it takes Riki to the breathtaking parallel world of "Yourland" where wonderful machines roam golden deserts, monkeys and ravens talk and science peacefully coexists with nature. The shining stone merges with Riki by hiding in his heart and asking him for protection. It seems everybody in Yourland is eager to procure this treasure, as it is the core of Yourland's power and owning it gives a great deal of influence. Who should Riki share his secret with? His new cheeky friend, Emma? Metal Man, the mighty robot? Tidling, a monkey general? Or nobody? Who can he trust? We accompany Riki on his enchanting adventurous journey full of perils, traps and humour, to restore the stone, also called the Heart of a Tower, to its "nest". It's the only way for Riki to make it back home and save his own heart.

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