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A Monster Calls

Featurette - J. A. Bayona e Liam Neeson [it]

A Monster Calls by Juan Antonio Bayona

Lasciami per sempre

3 videos

Lasciami per sempre by Simona Izzo

T2: Trainspotting

2 videos

T2: Trainspotting by Danny Boyle

Shooting Stars unveils its trailer for 2018

Shooting Stars 2018

Shooting Stars unveils its trailer for 2018

European Film Promotion selects 10 of the most promising up-and-coming actors from Europe to be honoured at the Berlin International Film Festival in February  

LUX Prize: 10 Years

LUX Prize: 10 Years

This year’s Cannes Film Festival marked the 10th anniversary for the LUX Prize, celebrating a decade filled with cinematic discoveries, topical issues and...  


Filmtipp [DE]

Crusoe by Vincent Kesteloot, Ben Stassen

Gut zu Vögeln

Filmtipp [DE]

Gut zu Vögeln by Mira Thiel


Featurette 1 - Claudio Giovannesi [it]

Fiore by Claudio Giovannesi

Zeta - Il film

23 videos

Zeta - Il film by Cosimo Alemà

Eddie The Eagle

Filmtipp [DE]

Eddie The Eagle by Dexter Fletcher

Filmtipp [DE]

London Has Fallen by Babak Najafi

The Diary of Anne Frank

Filmtipp [DE]

The Diary of Anne Frank by Hans Steinbichler

Shepherds and Butchers

Featurette [en]

Shepherds and Butchers by Oliver Schmitz


Filmtipp [DE]

Suffragette by Sarah Gavron


2 videos

Heidi by Alain Gsponer