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Informe de industria: Marketing

Caso de estudio – La mercadotecnia de las redes sociales en la industria cinematográfica


- Las compañías productoras están aplicando nuevas e innovadoras formas de comunicar y promover las películas, invirtiendo más en campañas de redes sociales

Caso de estudio – La mercadotecnia de las redes sociales en la industria cinematográfica

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Recently the film industry has been changing in their ways to communicate with the audiences together with the movie marketing. Production companies are now applying innovative ways to communicate and promote the films, investing more in the social media marketing campaigns and joining the long list of brands employing ingenious platforms as part of their promotion and marketing campaigns.

New Social Media Platforms

Movie marketers are adopting new social media platforms in their promotion and social media marketing strategies such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, etc as a tool to advertise their movies and as a support for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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The objective is to approach diverse audiences through social network and to create an engagement with a younger audience as well as convincing fans and moviegoers to talk about the movies on social media.

 2016 The year of Snapchat

2016 has been a successful year for Snapchat; plenty of leading brands are using this platform as a new promotion strategy. Information about the development of Snapchat during 2016:

  • 200 million active users
  • 4-6 billion video views per day
  • 60% of all Smartphone users are now using Snapchat
  • Snapchat now has more users than Twitter
  • Snapchat advertisements are viewed up to a million times per day

Snapchat Movies Marketing Campaigns

Several production companies have used Snapchat as promotion strategy and are not only the storytelling options that make Snapchat interesting for movie marketers; Snapchat provides marketers with numerous options: Owned, Paid and Earned Media, also a converged media plan is possible.

During 2016 the American blockbusters used Snapchat as a communication strategy, creating Geofilters (are location based images, which can be integrated into snaps. It’s ideal for creating attention for events such as film premieres, festivals and awards) to engage audiences and as a strategy to announce the theatrical release of the film.

X-Men Apocalypse interactive filter

Ex-machina Creative Campaign

For the 2015 South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas, the marketing team of Ex Machina [+lee también:
making of
ficha del filme
created a Tinder bot of Ava - the humanoid from the movie. They used pictures of the actress, Alicia Vikander, and set her up as a 25-year old woman in Austin the festival goers were being approached by an attractive girl onTinder asking several deep questions about love and what it is to be human. The conversation ended when she invited the young men to check out her Instagram page to see if they would be a match. When they followed the link they found her Instagram to only have two posts, a poster and a trailer for Ex-Machina, a film about artificial intelligence.

The girl was actually Alicia Vikander, star of the film in which she plays an artificial intelligence inside a female body who has her ‘human qualities’ evaluated.

Ava profile on Tinder


Instagram is the platform that allows its users to share pictures, has tens of millions of active users per day, and also allows its users to interact with people from around the world. Instagram's high rate of engagement among its now 400 million monthly active user base, brands of all industries are taking to the social sharing app to market their brand or latest products.

Entertainment studios are now marketing on Instagram, employing diverse strategies such as: influencers promoting films and TV shows on their feeds, posting Behind the Scenes action (people love seeing the filmmaking process), sharing promotional interviews and tailoring movie scenes, sharing different types of content: costume designs, set decorations and hugely popular on Instagram are posts of either quotes from the actors, characters or producers. This year for the release of the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them [+lee también:
ficha del filme
, the production company Warner Bros worked in collaboration with the fashion magazine Vogue on a special photoshoot  with actor Eddie Redmayne.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Instagram Account

Film Festivals – Instagram is not only for filmmakers also many film festivals are now employing Instagram as a communication strategy during the period of the festival they publish diverse content such as: films in competition, awards ceremony, red carpet pictures or videos and coverage on special events.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Instagram Account

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