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Informe de industria: Distribución y explotación

Estudio de caso sobre estrategias de distribución: Omar


- Entrevistamos a The Match Factory y la Film Agency, a cargo de las ventas y promoción de Omar respectivamente, para intentar comprender cómo una película de estas características se ha movido en los festivales

Estudio de caso sobre estrategias de distribución: Omar

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After his very polemical film Paradise Now, the Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad comes back with Omar, a film where human relationships are determined by the surrounding political context. Omar's love story with Nadia would have been different in another place, but here, at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is just an impossible story. Winner of a Golden Globe with Paradise Now, Hany Abu-Assad made again the headlines with Omar. Omar is one of the first Palestinian films to be completely produced by the Palestinian cinema industry. It was also the only Palestinian film to be selected in the 'Un Certain Regard' section in Cannes, where it actually won the Jury's prize last May. To discover how such a film is sold and promoted at the festival stage, Cineuropa, in partnership with Europa distribution, has decided to interview the seller of Omar: The Match Factory, represented by Caroline Daube, and the marketing team: The Film Agency, represented by Sarah Calderon.

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Caroline Daube - The Match Factory

Sarah Calderon - The Film Agency

(El artículo continúa más abajo - Inf. publicitaria)

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