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Informe de industria: Europa Distribution trata la estrategia y el posicionamiento tempranos en Haugesund

Distrify, SDI lanza un nuevo proyecto para regalar películas


- Este sistema es la continuación del proyecto de distribución online y “recaudación portátil”

Distrify, SDI lanza un nuevo proyecto para regalar películas

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The new initiative kicks off with the online release of Maja Borg’s Future My Love, about futurist Jacques Fresco new economic and social model.

This scheme is a continuation of the online distributor’s ‘portable fundraiser’ project – a collaboration with Scottish Documentary Institute with backing from Nesta.

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People will be able to pay a small fee to send a link to a friend or stranger to watch a film for free.

Distrify noted: “Viewers may buy for one or more people, or even an open invitation for viewers around the world to see the film if the ‘giver’ feels it is a film that should be shared and seen by many.”

Peter Gerard, CEO of Distrify, said: “This is the first time the Pay-it-Forward concept has been used for film distribution. We are excited.”

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