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Informe de industria: Documental

El primer día del Sunny Side enfatiza la coproducción y el compromiso con el público joven

- Los profesionales de la industria comparten sus opiniones acerca de cómo fomentar la producción documental

El primer día del Sunny Side enfatiza la coproducción y el compromiso con el público joven

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On Monday, various industry professionals shared their views on some of the primary issues and transformations taking place in the world of documentaries at the moment. They offered a range of perspectives and solutions, often referring to matters of funding and audience engagement as top priorities.

Vincent Leclercq, director of audiovisual and digital creation at CNC (France), highlights the importance of international co-production agreements. He emphasizes the need for “a market, like the Sunny Side of the Doc, where producers can dream about their next co-production,” as well as funding “to develop the co-production at the beginning.”

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Nathalie Clermont, director of program management at Canada Media Fund, notes that “financing for international co-production is not easy,” but reaffirms the importance of providing support for these partnerships in order to stimulate the growth of transmedia projects.

For Asta Dalman, acquisitions executive and international coordinator at UR (Sweden), “the real idea for the future…is interactivity- more transmedia, more social media.” She adds, “the most important thing is to reach new audiences-new young audiences.” It is a matter of presenting innovative material to these viewers in relevant and accessible ways.

At Sunny Side of the Doc, the marketplace serves as a platform for networking, brainstorms, and celebration. By bringing together professionals from all over the world, the event promotes dynamic conversation and further development across the documentary industry. 

To watch the video in its entirety click here.

(El artículo continúa más abajo - Inf. publicitaria)

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