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Informe de industria: Las escuelas de cine en Europa

Amazon destina 10 millones de libras al apoyo y el desarrollo de cine y televisión en Reino Unido


A través de su nueva iniciativa Prime Video Pathway, la compañía quiere facilitar el acceso al trabajo en el sector audiovisual con un compromiso de tres años

Amazon destina 10 millones de libras al apoyo y el desarrollo de cine y televisión en Reino Unido
La National Film and Television School del Reino Unido, que ha colaborado con Amazon en este programa

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Amazon Prime Video has pledged £10 million to support training and development in the UK’s TV and film industry. The funding commitment, set to be in place for the next three years, goes by the name of “Prime Video Pathway” and marks a historic partnership with the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Buckinghamshire. In detail, the new programme will offer 75 places per year to people who will be given the chance to apply for a variety of craft and technical roles on Prime Video-commissioned productions in the UK.

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Applications will be open soon for prospective candidates based in the UK, giving them the chance to take up roles in production, the art department, locations, camera, sound and accounting.

Upon completion of the programme, Prime Video, the film school and the production heads of department will work with the participants to plan and support their next career steps. At least 50% of participants will come from outside of the capital.

In addition, Prime Video has committed to backing and co-programming two courses designed to help new, diverse voices access TV and film production. The first is the Prime Video Directors Workshop, a yearly course designed specifically to increase the number of people from underrepresented groups working in screen directing. The course takes the form of intensive training in narrative filmmaking, with each student creating a short by the end of the course.

Prime Video will also be the co-sponsor of the NFTS’s Post Production Supervision Certificate, designed to provide a grounding in the fundamentals of post-production management. Specifically, Prime Video will fund an additional intake of students to start in September, doubling the current number of pupils. Its inaugural intake recorded an outstanding employment rate of 100%, with graduates taking part in projects such as Anansi Boys and My Policeman.

Dan Grabiner, head of Amazon Studios’ UK Originals, stated: “The UK is home to an extraordinary wealth of creative talent, and as our home-grown productions grow, we need to support a sustainable and diverse talent pool with world-class training, and forge a new creative generation for the industry. We are delighted to be committing £10 million towards that goal today, and thank the NFTS and colleagues across the TV and film industry for their support in helping us fulfil our ambitious goals. To those considering a career in the creative industries: we want to hear from you!”

The £10 million funding will also support other efforts, including the commitment to building a “stepping-up” scheme into all future UK Originals as well as Prime Video’s new apprenticeship programmes, with more than 30 roles currently open.

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