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Séries Mania 2021 - Séries Mania Forum

Informe de industria: Series

Nace el Séries Mania Institute


La primera escuela completamente dedicada a las series dará sus primeros pasos con el programa Eureka, dedicado a los productores y autores europeos emergentes, entre otras iniciativas

Nace el Séries Mania Institute

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"Series have never travelled so far throughout the world, have never stimulated imaginations so tremendously and have never crossed linguistic boundaries so extensively. It’s in order to react to these opportunities that we’re now launching the Series Mania Institute, whose mission is to enhance the training of European professionals for series and audiovisual careers." It marks yet another string on Series Mania’s bow, as unveiled by the president of the event Rodolphe Belmer within a conference held during the Forum.

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"Series Mania Institute will be the first school exclusively devoted to series", specified Laurence Hertzberg (Series Mania’s managing director). "Various courses will kick off on 6 September, each with a specific aim in mind. The first, which chimes with what professionals need and what they’re all looking for, is the Eureka Series course for emerging producers and creators hailing from all over Europe." Organised in partnership with La Fémis and designed alongside Italy’s Nicola Lusuardi, the course will take place over a period of 14 weeks and will take the form of lessons, workshops and masterclasses (notably involving showrunners such as Damon Lindelof, Vince Gilligan and Fanny Herrero). It will explore the process involved in developing European series, with the aim of covering all stages of the creative process so as to ensure that participants acquire transferable skills and are subsequently able to evolve and move between different positions within the development chain.

10 to 12 Europeans will be selected twice a year (one session will unfold in autumn, the other in spring), with potential candidates needing to have received initial training for screenwriting and/or production roles or being able to prove that they have professional experience in the audiovisual industry. The first Eureka Series class includes four French participants, one Polish candidate, one Croatian, one Romanian, one British person, one French-American candidate and one British-Australian participant. Eureka Series has also partnered up with ECAM (Spain), Łódź Film School (Poland), IFS Internationale Filmschule Köln (Germany), the Experimental Film School (Italy) and the Westerdals Institute – Kristiania University College (Norway), with its teachers subsequently hailing from all over Europe.

The Series Mania Institute is also launching a course in league with Sciences Po Lille, within the latter’s Management of Cultural Institutions Master programme. This two-year programme is intended to prepare candidates for management roles within the audiovisual sector (programme officers, heads of development within production companies, representatives working within support funds, etc.).

Last but not least, an initiative entitled Le Tremplin is expected to be rolled out in 2022, aimed at opening up the audiovisual sector to a wider range of candidates, notably those hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It’s worth noting that Newen (one of Europe’s biggest producers and distributors of audiovisual content), the French public audiovisual group France Télévisions, and the French entrepreneurial network Entreprises et Cités have all come on board as partners of the Series Mania Institute. 

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