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de Laila Pakalnina


The story is imaginary but based on real events. An incident has occurred at an average post-Soviet school in Latvia. Somebody has defecated in the attic. The tyrant of the school, the Headmistress, starts to investigate the event. Nobody is allowed to leave the school before the culprit is found. The real uproar begins when the Photographer's python disappears somewhere in the school. The absurd drama portrays two snakes - the real one and the Headmistress - co-existing in one school.

título internacional: The Python
título original: Pitons
país: Letonia
ventas en el extranjero: Hargla Company
año: 2003
género: ficción
dirección: Laila Pakalnina
duración: 88'
reparto: Mara Kimele, Juris Grave, Januss Johansons, Ilze Pukinska
fotografía: Gints Berzins
montaje: Sandra Alksne
escenografía: Juris Pakalnins
productor: Laila Pakalnina
producción: Hargla Company - Kompanija Hargla
apoyo: National Film Centre of Latvia
distribuidores: Hargla Company - Kompanija Hargla
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