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INDUSTRIA / MERCADO Bélgica / Burkina Faso

La Federación Valonia Bruselas firma un acuerdo de coproducción con Burkina Faso


- La federación firma su 13° acuerdo bilateral de coproducción, abriéndose a nuevas oportunidades para la cooperación en el ámbito cinematográfico y audiovisual

La Federación Valonia Bruselas firma un acuerdo de coproducción con Burkina Faso
Foniyama Elise Ilboudo Thiombiano, Ministra de Cultura, Artes y Turismo de Burkina Faso, y Bénédicte Linard, Ministra de Cultura y Medios de la Federación Valonia Bruselas, firman el acuerdo

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On the occasion of the 17th French-Speaking Co-Production Meetings, the Wallonia Brussels Federation has signed a new co-production agreement with Burkina Faso, the fourth such deal to be struck with an African country after Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal in springtime this year.

Foniyama Elise Ilboudo Thiombiano, the Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism in Burkina Faso, and Bénédicte Linard, the WBF’s Minister of Culture and the Media, used the opening evening of the French-Speaking Co-Production Meetings as an opportunity to sign this agreement, which was finalised in the summer as a result of the two ministers meeting at the most recent Cannes Film Festival.

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"Co-production agreements are an extraordinary opportunity in terms of cultural diversity. It’s this diversity and close cooperation which give rise to and will continue to encourage the emergence of ambitious film projects which look resolutely towards the future. I’m delighted to have signed this agreement with Burkina Faso, which will help to encourage professional cooperation and facilitate the circulation of audiovisual productions which are co-produced as a result of it, whether for cinemas, internet or television. More than a financial opportunity, this agreement will also bring about considerable cultural and artistic enrichment", explained WBF Minister Linard.

The agreement covers artistic and technical co-productions –co-productions made purely for financial reasons are not eligible – whether film or audiovisual projects (cinema, TV, web), of all running times and via any media.

This partnership with Burkina Faso is the 13th bilateral agreement to be signed by the WBF. Co-production agreements are also in the advanced stages of negotiation with Lebanon and the Ukraine, while discussions are likewise underway with Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Rwanda.

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