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El nuevo programa Collaborate to Innovate de Europa Cinemas apoya 15 proyectos


- La iniciativa respaldará trabajos que tengan un impacto real en el sector cinematográfico, promuevan la circulación de películas europeas y aumente la competitividad

El nuevo programa Collaborate to Innovate de Europa Cinemas apoya 15 proyectos
El Cinéma Galeries de Bruselas, seleccionado con su proyecto Arthouse Cinema Pass

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Europa Cinemas has announced that the inaugural edition of its Collaborate to Innovate scheme is supporting 15 new projects. Financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe – MEDIA programme with a total budget of €1 million, the initiative will reward “outstanding innovative and collaborative projects initiated, developed and implemented by Europa Cinemas exhibitors, from the same country or at a European level”. In detail, eligible projects “must have a real impact on the film sector, promote the circulation and visibility of European films, develop their audiences, in particular young people, and increase the skills and competitiveness of cinemas”.

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The scheme aims to encourage exhibitors to integrate inclusion and environmental sustainability into their approach, as well as to develop prototypes to share across the members of the network. Currently, Europa Cinemas members represent 1,264 theatres and 3,111 screens, located in 787 cities and 43 countries.

The selected projects represent 114 cinemas from 13 different European countries. They cover a wide range of issues, including young audience development, customer management software, data analysis, streaming and multi-platform releases, digital marketing, enhanced cinema and social experiences, as well as green working practices.

Speaking about the European Commission’s support for the project, head of unit Creative Europe – MEDIA Lucía Recalde said: “The European Commission welcomes and supports the Collaborate to Innovate project of Europa Cinemas. In the aftermath of the pandemic crisis, innovation and cooperation are key for revamping the cinema-going experience, enlarging the audience for European audiovisual works and supporting an inclusive audiovisual ecosystem.”

Commenting on the crucial phase during which the scheme was launched, Europa Cinemas’ general manager, Claude-Éric Poiroux, explained: “The scheme was launched at one of the most difficult times in the history of cinema, at a time when the pandemic was forcing closures of film theatres across Europe. But the scheme really captured the imagination and inspired some very exciting entries. [...] Despite the challenges, 32 projects applied for the first round of funding. Alongside a programme of labs, workshops, innovation programmes, in-depth reports and communication, and best practice-sharing initiatives, Collaborate to Innovate is at the heart of Europa Cinemas’ core mission to develop the circulation of European films and their audience outreach.” In the official press release, Europa Cinemas’ president, Nico Samon, disclosed the fact that the scheme has already been renewed for another year, “with a total budget of €2 million”.

Here is the list of selected projects:

Live Stream Collaboration Network (Austria)
Project coordinator: Filmcasino (Vienna)

Arthouse Cinema Pass (Belgium)
Project coordinator: Cinéma Galeries (Brussels)

Coastline Cinema (Croatia)
Project coordinator: Kino Mediteran (Split)

New Collective Innovative Software for Small-size Cinemas (Estonia)
Project coordinator: Tartu Elektriteater (Tartu)

Passerelle (France)
Project coordinator: Cinemas Studio (Tours)

IN EXTENSO The Sound Factory to Hear the Life of Cinema Theatres in Europe! (France)
Project coordinator: Café des images (Hérouville-Saint-Clair)

Imperceptibles (Secret European Festival) (France/Hungary)
Project coordinator: Cinema Le Balzac (Paris)

Z-Power. Young People Back to the Movies (Italy)
Project coordinator: Area Metropolis 2.0 (Paderno Dugnano)

Travel With Film Education (Latvia/Lithuania)
Project coordinator: Cinema Splendid Palace (Riga)

Hybrid Futures for European Cinemas (Netherlands)
Project coordinator: LUX (Nijmegen)

ZEF – Filmowe Okno na Europe (Poland)
Project coordinator: kino Amok (Gliwice)

European Films For Next Generation (Serbia)
Project coordinator: Bioskop Eurocinema (Subotica)

Streaming Technology in Movie Theatres (Spain)
Project coordinator: Cinebaix (Sant Feliu de Llobregat)

Project Viridiana (Spain)
Project coordinator: Cines Lys (Valencia)

Interrail Through Europa Cinemas (Spain)
Project coordinator: Golem Madrid (Madrid)

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