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Hacia la Transparencia 2.0 – Enfocada a la concentración mediática

- Casi 200 profesionales de los medios de comunicación han asistido al 20° aniversario del Observatorio Audiovisual Europeo, que organizaba una conferencia sobre concentración mediática el día 7 de Noviembre en Estrasburgo.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory presented for its 20th anniversary the conference: Towards Transparency 2.0 - Focus on Media Concentration.

Almost 200 media professionals and decision makers attended the EAO 20th anniversary conference on media concentration on the 7th of November at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

You can find the programme here and download the presentation made by Bernd Malzanini, Managing Director of the German KEK (Commission for Media Concentration) here

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You can find a film of the conference on the YouTube Channel of the European Audiovisual Observatory here:

The 20th anniversary speakers

The speakers who contributed to the success of 20th anniversary conference were:

Bernard Miyet

Former Ambassador, President of Valarda Consulting

Bernard Miyet was the Head of the `Cabinet' of French Communication Minister Georges, Fillioud. He was Director of Communication at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as President of the SACEM (French Society of Authors, Composers and Editors of Music). He initiated the `Eureka Audiovisual' project which lead to the creation of the European Audiovisual Observatory .

Ben Keen

Chief Analyst and Senior Director, Screen Digest ( London )

Ben Keen is one of the leading media experts in Europetoday with many years of experience as senior analyst and author of numerous reports on the audiovisual industries. He is also a regular guest lecturer at various academic institutions, including the National Film & TV Schooland the Media Business School .

Bernd Malzanini

Managing Director, KEK, Commission for Media Concentration ( Potsdam )

Bernd Malzanini has been leading the Commission for Media Concentration in Germany since 1997. He has published several articles on media related topics such as media concentration in Europeand ensuring plurality of opinion in broadcasting. In addition, he is co-author of a lexicon for the practise of media law and the Gabler Wirtschafts-Lexikon .

Roberto Mastroianni

Professor of EU law and Information Law at the University of Naples

As well as lecturing at the University, Roberto Mastroianni practices law in Romeand Naples . He has authored several books dealing with the reform of Italian Broadcasting Law, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive as well as several articles on EU law and mass media law .

Andrei Richter

Director of the Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (Vienna)

Andrei Richter is a Professor of media law in the Russian Federation and one of the most eminent experts on the Russian media. He is currently leading the Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media of the OSCE based in Vienna . He is also a member of the Observatory's IRIS editorial board and a regular contributor to IRIS publications .

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