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RÓTERDAM 2017 Industria

Europa Distribution se va a Róterdam


- En inglés: La red de distribuidores tratará en una conferencia las nuevas estrategias para atraer al público en cada fase de la vida de la película

Europa Distribution se va a Róterdam

Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

For the second year in a row, Europa Distribution, in partnership with International Film Festival Rotterdam and Cinemart, is hosting an open panel focusing on Marketing and Distribution strategies. Entitled "Cultivating Audiences" the panel will discuss new strategies to build an audience at every stage of a film life. 

Audiences are like plants, in order to have them grow you need to plant seeds early on and water them regularly. Working at several layers (production, international sales, distribution and exhibition) is key to efficient marketing and distribution strategies, but what can be done at each level and how to connect these initiatives? This panel will gather film professionals from different sectors to discuss how to build an event around a film and how to connect it to a national and local audiences. Distributor Babette Wijntjes (Cinemien, Netherlands), sales agent Jan Naszewski (New Europe Film Sales, Poland), film marketing strategist Mathias Noschis (Alphapanda, Germany), exhibitor and producer Sarah Perks (Home, United Kingdom), creative director and founding member Jan de Vries (Kino Rotterdam, Netherlands), led by producer Madeleine Molyneaux (USA) will share their knowledge and experience.

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The panel will be held on Wednesday 1 February 2017, from 11:00 to 12:30 at The Filmmakers Hub, Festival centre De Doelen, 4th floor. Everyone accredited to the festival is able to join.

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