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El CNC otorga un anticipo de ingresos a Disco Boy de Giacomo Abbruzzese


- En inglés: La institución francesa apoyará también las óperas primas de Antoine de Bary, Nora Martirosyan, Romain de Saint-Blanquat y Céline Rouzet

El CNC otorga un anticipo de ingresos a Disco Boy de Giacomo Abbruzzese
Director Giacomo Abbruzzese

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Five feature-debut projects have been accepted during the final 2017 session of the CNC’s first advance on receipts committee. Standing out among them is Disco Boy by Giacomo Abbruzzese, which enabled the filmmaker to take part in the Cinéfondation Residence at the Cannes Film Festival and which took home the Arte International Prize from the Les Arcs European Film Festival’s Coproduction Village in 2015. Produced by Juliette Sol for French outfit Stromboli Films and co-produced by Italian firm Dugong Films, the film will follow the saga of a soldier who becomes a dancer, his long voyage to France, fraught with danger, his enlistment in the Foreign Legion and, finally, his involvement in the world of Paris’ nightclubs.

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The CNC will also be throwing its weight behind L’Enfant roi (Le Déserteur) by Antoine de Bary, who turned heads with the short film Birth of a Leader (Cannes Critics’ Week in 2016, Special Mention for a Debut Work at Clermont-Ferrand in 2017, soon to grace the programme of MyFrenchFilmFestival). Written by the director together with Elias Belkeddar, the story of his feature debut is a reverse coming-of-age tale about a young man - a coming of age that manifests itself as the crumbling of all his achievements. This 20-year-old actor found fame, work and his fortune even before he became an adult. But everything ground to a halt a long time ago, and the world around him is gradually going to pot… The project, which passed through the Cannes Critics’ Week’s Next Step programme, will be produced by Iconoclast Films.

An advance on receipts has also been granted to Jardin noir, ciel bleu by Armenia’s Nora Martirosyan, who penned the screenplay with Emmanuelle Pagano. The pitch involves an airport with no aeroplanes, a non-existent land and an invisible border; a child, a young girl and a foreigner are seeking a way out. Selected for the Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde, Open Doors at Locarno, the Angers Workshops, the Jerusalem Film Lab and the Cinéfondation Atelier at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival (winning the Arte International Prize to boot), the project is being staged by Julie Paratian for Sister Productions.  

Finally, the CNC will also be supporting Anti yéyé by Romain de Saint-Blanquat and 140 km à l’ouest du paradis by Céline Rouzet

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