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IDM Alto Adige financia catorce nuevos proyectos


- En inglés: Nueve proyectos llegan desde Italia, cuatro desde Alemania y uno desde Bélgica, incluyendo lo nuevo de Til Schweiger y Reinhold Messner

IDM Alto Adige financia catorce nuevos proyectos
El director y actor Til Schweiger

Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

14 projects in total have received funding from the Alto Adige IDM Film Fund & Commission during the first call of 2018: nine from Italy (seven of which are South Tyrolean productions), four from Germany and one from Belgium. Eight of the projects receiving support from IDM are in production, while the other six are in pre-production.

Among the eight projects supported in production are the new dramatic comedy by the German director and actor Til Schweiger, Head Full of Honey [+lee también:
ficha del filme
 (working title: Honey in the Head), which gently tackles the subject of a family struggling with a grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's. Among the productions partners are the Berlin company Barefoot Films and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The film, which stars Matt Dillon, Nick Nolte and Billy Bob Thornton, received €400,000 in funding.

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The family film directed by Sven Unterwaldt, Sprite Sisters, will be receiving €500,000. At the centre of the film’s story are four young sisters with magical powers. The film was produced by the South Tyrolean company Filmvergnügen, the Monaco company Blue Eyes Fiction & Co, the Viennese outfit Dor Film and the Parisian company Story House Productions, with partners Walt Disney Germany and ARRI Media International. The fifth season of Un passo dal cielo (Lux Vide), based on the life of the Forestry commander Francesco Neri, is due to receive €850,000. The cast is due to include Daniele Liotti, Enrico Ianniello, Gianmarco Pozzoli and Rocio Munoz Morales.

Another four South Tyrolean productions are due to receive support during the production phase: the historical drama Cielo neroby Francesco Dal Bosco, which may star Pier Giorgio Bellocchio in a leading role (produced by Bolzano company Albolina Film with Trento outfit FilmWork; €350,000), Die große Zinne, the new documentary byone of themost famous living climbers and mountaineers, Reinhold Messner, which focuses on the climbing sport on the Alps (produced by Mediaart Production with Messner Mountain Movie;€110,000), the documentary Zaubertrankdirected by Andreas Pichler on the subject of alcohol, the most powerful drug in the world (Miramonte Film in co-production with the Berlin outfit Eikon Media;€90,000), and the documentary Becoming Me by Martine De Biasi, which ponders the path that a woman must take in order to change sex (the Bolzano company Helios Sustainable Films; €80,000). The last title in production to be financed is the documentary Las hermanas de Rocinante - Rosinantes Schwestern byAlexandra Kaufmann (Monaco outfit Evolution Film in co-production with the Swiss company Cinédokké, in partnership with RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera; €70,000).

The six projects due to receive support during the pre-production phase are: the romantic comedy Comic Book Souls byRoberto Gagnor (a Hamburg company Letterbox Filmproduktion production;€30,000), focusing on Carlo, a designer who makes yoghurt pots for a living but who dreams of becoming a cartoonist, The Opposite of Whiteby Natja Brunckhorst (Berlin outfit Zischlermann Filmproduktion; €30,000), which tells the story of the challenge of a psychotherapist who specialises in drug rehabilitation and who accompanies five patients across the Alps, The Dream of the Shepherd, whose screenplay is written by the young Israeli director Ofir Raul Graizer (Bolzano company Giafatto Entertainment;€24,700), Young Power, a documentary by Marzia Mete which creates a very interesting experiment: what would happen if the world was governed by children? (Miramonte Film, € 23,000), The Red House byFrancescoCatarinoloand Peter Bardehle (produced by the Turin outfit Tekla in co-production with the German outfit Vidicom Media; €18,000), about the expedition of mountaineer Robert Peroni in Greenland in 1985. Finally, the only Belgian project to receive funding is the documentary Nafsi Africa by Nika Saravanja, about Steve who is trying to help children in need via the theatre (Brussels outfit Playtime Films ; €16,000).

The next deadline for applying for IDM funding is 2 May and then 19 September 2018.

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