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PRODUCCIÓN Italia / Bélgica

Gabriele Mainetti rueda Freaks Out


- En inglés: El director italiano prepara una cinta que tiene lugar en Roma en 1943, en plena guerra, con Aurora Giovinazzo y Claudio Santamaria

Gabriele Mainetti rueda Freaks Out
El director Gabriele Mainetti

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Gabriele Mainetti gets back behind the camera after the extraordinary success of They Call Me Jeeg [+lee también:
making of
entrevista: Gabriele Mainetti
ficha del filme
, for the hotly anticipated film, Freaks Out. Shooting on the second feature film by the 41-year-old Roman director is due to take place in the capital and in Calabria for 12 weeks. Rome will once again become the backdrop for the characters in the film. It’s 1943 and the height of the Second World War. The Eternal City is hosting a circus where Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio and Mario work together as siblings. One day, Israel, the owner and their alleged father, disappears in an attempt to find a way out of the conflict for all of them, overseas. The four protagonists are left in disarray without someone to assist them but, above all, without the circus. Having lost their social status, they begin to feel like freaks in a city at war.

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The film stars Aurora Giovinazzo, Claudio Santamaria (protagonist of Jeeg), Pietro Castellitto and Giancarlo Martini, along with Giorgio Tirabassi, Max Mazzotta and Franz Rogowski.Freaks Out was produced by Lucky Red, Goon Films and Rai Cinema, in co-production with the Belgian outfit GapBusters. The film is based on an original topic by Nicola Guaglianone and a script written by Guaglianone, along with Gabriele Mainetti. Providing the music once again are Michele Braga and Mainetti.

"Two years after the success of They Call Me Jeeg, we’ve worked with Gabriele Mainetti, who is also a producer, and Rai Cinema, in order to lay the foundations for an ambitious and original film," stated Andrea Occhipinti from Lucky Red. While Mainetti's Goon Films commented, stating that "they say the second film is the most difficult to make, especially when the first one has generated positive feedback. It’s not going to be easy to meet expectations now that the bar has been set even higher. As with previous projects we’ll do our very best with what we have. Ultimately, the approach to the production process will be the same as with Jeeg... just on a bigger scale."

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