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CANNES 2018 Mercado

El Marché du Film anuncia los proyectos seleccionados para Frontières


- En inglés: La plataforma de coproducción dirigida al cine de género crea el nuevo premio de posproducción Avanpost Digital Cube

El Marché du Film anuncia los proyectos seleccionados para Frontières
Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway, de Miguel Llansó

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After a highly successful inaugural edition last year, the Frontières Platform in Cannes will return for a second year to the Cannes Film Market. This genre-focused section of industry programming & networking events will present 16 projects to the industry from 12-13 May. A co-presentation between the Fantasia International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Market, the Frontières Platform activities will include the Proof of Concept Presentation for projects in the advanced financing stages, and the Buyers Showcase for films in post-production or recently completed.

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The Frontières Buyers Showcase (Sunday 13 May at 4pm in Palais K) presentation will feature 6 films, with producers screening footage for potential buyers, sales agents and festival programmers. Cannes Film Market participants will have a first look at the latest from Denis Côté, Jovanka Vuckovic and Antonio Tublen, among others.

After workshopping their proof of concept videos at the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum in Amsterdam this past February, 10 projects will present their completed teaser trailers to prospective partners at the Frontières Proof of Concept Presentation (Saturday 12 May at 10am in Palais K). Among the selected projects are new works from teams behind Free Fire [+lee también:
ficha del filme
, Crumbs [+lee también:
ficha del filme
, Baskin, Replace [+lee también:
ficha del filme
, The Lodgers [+lee también:
ficha del filme
and the upcoming Ánimas.

Also, Frontières has announced the creation of the Avanpost Digital Cube Post-Production Award. One of the projects from this year's Finance & Packaging Forum will receive an award of $150,000 of in kind post-production services from the Romanian company Digital Cube.

The projects selected:

Buyers Showcase

G. Patrick Condon's Incredible Violence (Canada)
Director: Patrick Condon
Producers: Patrick Condon, Ian Vatcher, Walter Lawlor (The Hunting Party) 

Ghost Town Anthology (Répertoire des villes disparues) (Canada)
Director: Denis Côté
Producer: Ziad Touma (Couzin Films)

House of Sweat and Tears [+lee también:
ficha del filme
Director: Sonia Escolano
Producers: Sonia Escolano, Francisco Javier González (Sudor y lágrimas Films)
Sales Agent: TriCoast Worldwide

Ladyworld (USA)
Director: Amanda Kramer
Producers: Thomas Burke & Leal Naim (Love and Death Productions), Jamie Dolan, Amanda Kramer & Jesy Odio (Looks Alone)

Riot Girls (Canada)
Director: Jovanka Vuckovic
Producer: Laurent Grant (Clique Pictures)
Sales Agent: Alliance Media Partners (Worldwide), XYZ Films (USA)

Zoo (Denmark/Sweden)
Director: Antonio Tublen
Producer: Alexander Brondsted (PingPong Film)
Sales Agent: Seville International

Proof of Concept Presentation

The Ballad of Audrey Earnshaw (Canada/Ireland)
Director/Writer: Thomas Robert Lee 
Producers: Gianna Isabella (Gate 67), Thomas Robert Lee, Marie-Claude Poulin (Executive Producer, MCP Productions), Patrick Ewald (Executive Producer, Epic Pictures)

Censor (UK)
Director: Prano Bailey-Bond
Writers: Prano Bailey-Bond & Anthony Fletcher
Producer: Helen Jones (Silver Salt Films), Kim Newman 

Girl Without a Mouth [+lee también:
ficha del filme
Director/Writer: Can Evrenol
Producer: Müge Büyüktalaş (MO Film)

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway [+lee también:
entrevista: Miguel Llansó
ficha del filme
Director/Writer: Miguel Llansó
Producers: Sergio Uguet de Resayre (Lanzadera Films), Alasti Kino

The Monster Within (Chile/Denmark)
Director: Rodrigo Susarte
Writer: Valeria Hofmann
Producers: Florencia Larrea & Gregorio González (Forastero), Lene Borglum (Space Rocket Nation

The Paper Tigers (USA)
Director/Writer: Tran Quoc Bao
Producers: Michael Velasquez, Al'n Duong, Yuji Okumoto, Dan Gildark (Beimo Films LLC)

Reunion (USA/Germany)
Director: Norbert Keil
Writers: Richard Stanley & Norbert Keil
Producers: Gudrun Giddings (G4C Innovation), Sam SarkarDaisy Hamilton, Norbert Keil (Wunderbar Film) 

Tin & Tina (Tin y Tina) (Spain)
Director/Writer: Rubin Stein
Producer: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo (La Claqueta PC)

Whitaker (Canada/UK)
Director: Casey Walker
Writers: David Suridge & George Perry
Producers: Andy Starke, Pete Tombs, Ben Wheatley (Executive Producer) (Rook Films), Casey Walker (Cave Painting Pictures), Jonathan Bronfman (JoBro Productions) 

The Winter Lake (Ireland)
Director: Phil Sheerin
Writer: David Turpin
Producers: Julianne Forde, Ruth Treacy (Tailored Films), Patrick Ewald (Executive Producer, Epic Pictures Group)

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