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Nace Bonelli Entertainment con una serie sobre Dylan Dog


- La mayor editorial de cómics de Italia anuncia la creación de una filial productora de cine y televisión, cuya andadura arrancará con una serie televisiva de terror compuesta por diez episodios

Nace Bonelli Entertainment con una serie sobre Dylan Dog
Una imagen del cómic Dylan Dog (© SBE)

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Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA, the leading Italian comic book publisher, has announced the creation of Bonelli Entertainment, the publishing house’s production arm, created with the aim of developing film and television projects based on the publisher’s own characters and original stories.

The new branch is currently developing a ten-episode live-action horror TV series based on Dylan Dog, the "Nightmare Investigator", and is also currently researching cinema and TV projects that will involve Martin Mystère, Mister No, Dampyr, Dragonero, Il Confine and the world of Nathan Never, as well as other characters and new content. 

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Dylan Dog, created by Tiziano Sclavi, is one of the most successful brands in the history of Sergio Bonelli Editore. Launched in 1986, the brand has seen over 500 different comics published to date. Over 50 million copies of the comic have been printed over its lifetime, making Dylan one of the most popular paper heroes of all time in Italy. Dylan Dog has been distributed in 30 countries and is currently still sold in 11 countries. A real cult following has developed around the character, inspiring festivals such as Dylan Dog Horror Fest, which used to welcome thousands of attendees back in the early 90s, as well as fan films such as the unlucky film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night by Kevin Munroe, dismissed as a b-movie by critics and ignored by the public.

"One of the main priorities of Bonelli Entertainment's production unit is to develop new ways to allow the public to get to know some of our most famous and iconic characters, but also some of our more recent and new proposals, which are still in progress, on any platform," stated Davide Bonelli, president of Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA. We are investing in the production of original content and high-quality shows such as a live-action Dylan Dog series, ensuring that we take care of our most beloved characters, while exploring new innovative ideas and avenues with our comics at the same time.”

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