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TESALÓNICA 2018 Industria

El Agora Crossroads Co-Production Forum de Tesalónica presenta su selección


- La 14a edición de la sección de coproducciones del evento ha seleccionado 15 proyectos del Sudeste Europeo que buscan ayudas para su desarrollo y su proyección internacional

El Agora Crossroads Co-Production Forum de Tesalónica presenta su selección
La directora Sofia Georgovassili, que participará en Crossroads con su ópera prima, Mignon

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Thessaloniki’s Agora industry section (3-10 November) will host one of its best-known sections, the 14th Crossroads Co-Production Forum, from 7-10 November in Warehouse C. Headed up by Marie-Pierre Macia, the programme includes 15 projects and their attached directors and producers, which hail from 15 different countries. The participants will have the chance to introduce their projects to a select group of film professionals through curated meetings and other parallel events while competing for one of the Crossroads awards.

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Also, this year, three of the selected projects are part of Crossroads’ collaborations with Sofia Meetings, the MFI Script 2 Film Workshop and a new partner, MIDPOINT, the well-established training and networking platform for film and TV project development.

The selected projects are as follows:

40 Days - Penny Panagiotopoulou
Producer: Penny Panagiotopoulou - P.P. Productions (Greece)
Co-producers: Twenty Twenty Vision (Germany), Manny Films (France)

Barbarossa - Sotiris Goritsas
Producers: Iraklis Mavroidis, Angelos Venetis Boo Productions (Greece) 

Beggar Nadejda Koseva
Producer: Vladimir Andreev - Borough Film (Bulgaria), in collaboration with Sofia Meetings

Coz You’re Ugly Sharon Angelhart
Producer: Assaf Amir - Norma Productions (Israel)

Domina Maris - Silvia Perra
Producer: Luca Cabriolu Ombre Rosse Film Production (Italy)
Co-producer: Sandra da Fonseca - Blue Monday Productions (France)

Everything in its Right Place - Berrak Çolak
Producers: Engin Palabıyık - Harikulade Film; Müge Özen - Solis Film (Turkey)

Inchalla Boy Amjad Al Rasheed
Producers: Rula NasserAseel Abu Ayyash - The Imaginarium (Jordan)

The Land Within Me Fisnik Maxhuni
Producers: Britta RindelaubJasmin Basic - Alva Film Production (Switzerland/Kosovo)

(working title) Vardan Tozija
Producer: Darko Popov - Focus Pocus Films (Macedonia)
Co-producer: Miroslav Mogorović - Art & Popcorn (Serbia) 

Maysoon Nancy Biniadaki
Producer: Christopher Zitterbart - Watchmen Productions (Germany), in collaboration with MFI Script 2 Film Workshop

Mignon Sofia Georgovassili
Producer: Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos - Plays2place (Greece)
Co-producer: Irina Andreea Malcea - Luna Film (Romania) 

The Nightsiren - Tereza Nvotová
Producer: Peter Badač BFILM (Slovakia)
Co-producer: Moloko Film (Czech Republic)

Regret - Kosta Đorđević
Producer: Miloš Ivanović - Kinematografska kuca (Serbia), in collaboration with MIDPOINT

The Voice of an Angel - Telémachos Alexiou
Producer: Anja Wendell Czar Film (Germany)
Co-producer: Fenia Kossovitsa - Blonde (Greece)

Vortex - Chrysanthos Margonis
Producer: Eleni Kossyfidou Blackbird Production (Greece)

The jury that will hand out the Crossroads awards consists of Romanian producer Ada Solomon, of Hi Film Productions; the head of the Venice Production Bridge, Pascal Diot; sales agent Alexis Hofmann, of France’s BAC Films; and the head of international relations at ARTEAnnamaria Lodato. The Crossroads awards are offered by Greek post-production house Two Thirty Five, the CNCARTE Kino, the Cannes Film Market’s Producers Network, Sofia Meetings, the MFI, CINEMEDHeretic Asterisk* and EAVE, which is a new addition this year. The winners will be announced on 9 November.

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