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Marco Danieli lleva la música de Lucio Battisti a la gran pantalla en Un’Avventura


- Laura Chiatti y Michele Riondino protagonizan por primera vez un musical, que estrenará 01 Distribution en salas italianas el 14 de febrero, día de San Valentín

Marco Danieli lleva la música de Lucio Battisti a la gran pantalla en Un’Avventura
Michele Riondino y Laura Chiatti en Un’Avventura

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Never before have Lucio Battisti and Mogol’s famous songs taken centre stage at the cinema. But they will soon be hitting the big screen in the latest feature by Marco Danieli – a young director known for his 2016 film Worldy Girl [+lee también:
making of
ficha del filme
, winner of Best First Film at the Italian Gobi d'Oro Awards and Best New Director at the David di Donatello Awards in 2017, as well as various other awards at numerous festivals. The film, produced by Nicola and Marco De Angelis for Fabula Pictures and by Lucky Red with RAI Cinema, is called Forever You, after the eponymous song released by Battisti in January 1969. The film is set in the 1970s and stars Laura Chiatti and Michele Riondino, both of whom will be featured in a musical for the first time ever and are due to play the protagonists of a poignant and universal love story. 

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Accompanied by some of Battisti and Mogol’s greatest musical hits, Matteo (Michele Riondino) and Francesca (Laura Chiatti) discover love, before losing their way, finding each other, chasing each other and ultimately their dreams: she wants to be a free woman, he dreams of becoming a musician. Francesca travels the world for five years, while Matteo stays behind to write love songs. When Francesca finally returns, she brings with her the wind of change of the ‘70s, with all its emancipation, progress and freedom. The two soon meet again and their love is reignited, stronger than ever before, but their lives will follow unexpected paths. 

Luca Tommassini is responsible for the film's choreography and is a very well-appreciated art director in Italy, having worked with music and entertainment greats such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue, and also known for his stint on the X Factor Italia. Isabella Aguilar wrote the film’s screenplay, Ferran Paredes Rubio worked on the project as the director of photography, Davide Vizzini was responsible for the film’s editing, Giada Calabria worked on set design and Catia Dottori handled costume design, while Pivio and Ando De Scalzi wrote the film’s soundtrack. The feature is due to be distributed in Italy by 01 Distribution on Valentine's Day. International sales are being handled by True Colours, which participated in a Work In Progress session last December in Paris for buyers at the "De Rome à Paris" Incontri del Cinema Italiano (read the article here).

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