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LOCARNO 2019 Cineastas del presente

EXCLUSIVA: Tráiler de L’apprendistato de Davide Maldi


- La nueva película del director italiano se presentará a nivel mundial en la competición Cineastas del presente del Festival de Locarno

EXCLUSIVA: Tráiler de L’apprendistato de Davide Maldi
Luca Tufano en L’apprendistato

Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

At dusk, a 14-year-old boy carries food into his family’s cowshed for the last time. His life in the mountains is about to come to an end: he is enrolling in catering school to learn the trade as quickly as possible. The school is renowned for its strict teaching methods: students learn that the customer is the fundamental purpose of their work and the source of their fortune. The lessons in cooking, dining-room etiquette, law and religion, repeated day after day, make them endlessly confront their weaknesses, insecurities and skills. At the end of the year, young Luca, immaculate in his black uniform with shiny shoes and spotless shirt, will walk into the great hall and face the first test of his new career as a waiter and future maître d’hôtel.

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This is the synopsis for The Young Observant [+lee también:
entrevista: Davide Maldi
ficha del filme
, the new film by Italian filmmaker Davide Maldi, set to world-premiere in the Filmmakers of the Present Competition at the 72nd Locarno Film Festival. Produced by Invisibile Film, L'Altauro and Red House Produzione, the film is sold internationally by Slingshot Films.

Check out our exclusive trailer below:

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