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Non odiare se empieza a rodar en Trieste


- Alessandro Gassmann, Sara Serraiocco y Luka Zunic protagonizan el primer largometraje de Mauro Mancini, una coproducción italo-polaca de Movimento Film y Agresywna Banda

Non odiare se empieza a rodar en Trieste
El actor Alessandro Gassmann, el director Mauro Mancini y la actriz Sara Serraiocco durante el rodaje de Non odiare

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These past few days, shooting has begun in Trieste on Thou Shalt Not Hate [+lee también:
entrevista: Mauro Mancini
ficha del filme
, Mauro Mancini’s first feature film, starring Alessandro Gassmann, Sara Serraiocco and Luka Zunic. The title is produced by Mario Mazzarotto on behalf of Movimento Film, in co-production with the Polish firm Agresywna Banda, with Rai Cinema and in association with Notorious Pictures who will also distribute the work in Italy.

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The story of Thou Shalt Not Hate unfolds in Trieste, at the very heart of Europe; a city awash with countless ethnicities and cultures and boasting deep Jewish roots, as attested to by its ancient synagogue, in which a film scene is set to be shot for the very first time. In the depths of the city and on the threshold of the historic Borgo Teresiano district, lives Simone Segre (Alessandro Gassmann), an established surgeon of Jewish origin. He seems to have it all worked out: he has a peaceful life, a partner who works in France as a reporter, a stylish apartment and no hang-ups from the past. As a result of fierce clashes between him and his father - a concentration camp survivor who escaped death by a whisker - Simone has kept his forebear at arm’s length for a number of years. Then, one day, when returning home from weekly rowing practice, the surgeon finds himself coming to the rescue of a man who’s been hurt in a road traffic accident, but when he discovers a Nazi tattoo on the chest of the latter, Simone decides to leave him to his fate. When the emergency services arrive, it’s already too late. In the days that follow, Simone is trailed by a nagging sense of guilt for the man’s death, a situation which eventually sees him tracking down the neo-Nazi’s family, living on the working class housing estate known as the “Melara quadrangle”: there’s eldest daughter Marica (Sara Serraiocco), teenage son Marcello (Luka Zunic, in his first co-leading role), he too infected with the seed of racial hate, and “little” Paolo (Lorenzo Buonora). One night, however, Marica will come knocking on Simone’s door, unwittingly asking that he pay his dues.

“Neither good nor bad, just human beings, ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances”. This is how the characters of Thou Shalt Not Hate are described by director Mauro Mancini, the author of numerous short films, TV mini-series and music videos, who also co-wrote the feature film’s screenplay with Davide Lisino. “I was inspired by an incident which took place in Paderborn, in Germany: a Jewish doctor refused to operate on a patient because of a garish Nazi tattoo the man had on his arm.”

Non odiare was made with the support of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – The Department for Film and the Polish Film Institute, in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission. International sales are entrusted to Intramovies.

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