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FFA apoya Music de Angela Schanelec y otros once proyectos


- La institución alemana ha entregado un total de 1,7 millones de euros en respaldo financiero

FFA apoya Music de Angela Schanelec y otros once proyectos
La directora Angela Schanelec, que ha recibido 25.000€ para el desarrollo de guion de su nuevo proyecto, Music (© Joachim Gern)

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The German Federal Film Board (FFA) has announced the recipients of its latest round of funding. A total of €1,665,000 have been allocated to 12 film projects that are at different stages of development and production.

Shining bright on the institution’s list of supported projects is Angela Schanelec’s Music, which received €25,000 worth of script-development support. Schanelec, whose I Was at Home, but… [+lee también:
entrevista: Angela Schanelec
ficha del filme
earned her the Silver Bear for Best Director at this year’s edition of the Berlin Film Festival, is readying a modern-day version of the Oedipus myth. Her upcoming feature will focus on a boy who grows up with his step-parents in Greece and who, at the age of 20, unwittingly murders his father. While serving his sentence, he falls in love and has a child with a woman who works in the prison. They are both unaware of the fact that she is his biological mother. Twenty years later, he lives in London with his daughter and is beginning to lose his eyesight. Germany’s Faktura Film (Kirill Krasovski) is producing the highly anticipated feature, together with French company Les Films de l'Après-midi (Francois D’Artemare), and principal photography is planned for autumn 2020. Schanelec will once again work with I Was at Home, but... cinematographer Ivan Marković. The film also received support from the French-German Funding Commission earlier this year.

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Four other projects were aided by the FFA with grants for script development valued at €25,000 each: Michael Klier’s Ein Mann boxt sich durch, a comedy about a single dad who is struggling to pay the rent for the flat where he lives with his daughter; Svenja Rasocha’s Frühstück mit Elefanten, an adaptation of Gesa Neitzel’s novel of the same name; Kitty Percy’s The Willows, a thriller about a chemical disaster; and Bettina by Martin Behnke and Wanda Perdelwitz, which will tell the story of singer-songwriter Bettina Wegner, whose critical songs led to her expulsion from East Germany to West Germany in 1983.

Furthermore, the German funding institution handed out five production grants. Katja von Garnier’s Fly - Der Tanzfilm, produced by Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, received €500,000 worth of support. With a script penned by the director together with Daphne Ferraro, the drama will tell the story of a woman convicted of murder, who, as part of her rehabilitation process, reluctantly attends dance classes. The same amount was earmarked for the production of the children’s film Mia and Me - The Movie, which will be directed by Adam Cuhn and is being produced by Germany’s Studio 100 Media AG. A further production grant (€300,000) went to Kilian Riedhof’s You Will Not Have My Hate, an adaptation written by the director together with Jan Braren and Marc Blöbaum of the novel of the same name by Antoine Leiris, whose wife was killed in the 2015 Paris attacks. After the attacks, Leiris addressed an open letter to the killers, vowing that neither he nor his infant son would ever live in fear of terrorism. The film is being produced by Germany’s Komplizen Films together with French company Haut et Court. Moreover, the FFA provided financial support for the production of two documentaries: Axel Brüggemann’s Weltreligion Wagner, which deals with the new wave of admiration for the titular composer (€140,000, produced by Kick Film GmbH), and Beatrix Schwehm’s Die Letzten Ihrer Art, a film that will focus on a team of ornithologists (€80,000, produced by Tag/Traum Filmproduktion GmbH & Co KG).

Lastly, the German Federal Film Board handed out two grants for treatment development. Feo Aladag’s drama Die unangenehme Wahrheit - Raport W (Austria) and Daniel Sager’s documentary Krieg und Frieden each received €10,000 worth of support.

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