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El Festival de Locarno presenta Swiss Films Previews


- El cine suizo del futuro tendrá su foco especial en la edición de este año del festival de la ciudad sobre el Lago Maggiore

El Festival de Locarno presenta Swiss Films Previews

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Amongst the many offerings put forward by the Locarno Film Festival for film industry professionals, this 73rd edition of the event will introduce a new section wholly dedicated to the future of Swiss cinema. From 6 – 11 August, during the Locarno Pro period, the festival is set to become a springboard for Swiss films in the making. This new initiative intitled Swiss Films Previews will be managed and directed by Swiss Films, and is a collaboration between the significant Ticinese festival and the Swiss film promotion agency which promises to be fruitful.

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Charlemagne Youth Prize

During this year’s 73rd edition, Swiss Films will present national and international film industry professionals with a selection of Swiss works in progress. This will allow festival guests to get a good idea of the most interesting Swiss projects in development. Producers of the selected films will have the opportunity to screen extracts or trailers of their films with a view to making contacts among and piquing the interest of the many film industry professionals in attendance.

The Swiss Films Previews initiative is aimed at lending these works in progress visibility, creating possibilities for collaboration (which are essential to the survival and promotion of a form of cinema not benefiting from the support of the MEDIA programme) and whetting the film appetites of potential collaborators from all around the world. In this sense, the Locarno Film Festival isn’t just asserting its position as an international showcase of arthouse cinema, it’s also establishing itself as a platform for the very best of Swiss films in progress. Already an active promoter of films of all forms, the Locarno-based event will henceforth reserve a place for the past (by way of its renowned retrospectives), the present (through its rich programming), but also the future.

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