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Vuelven los rodajes a Francia


- El fondo de indeminzación del CNC para proteger las producciones en caso de interrupción debido al COVID-19 está operativo desde el 1 de junio

Vuelven los rodajes a Francia

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The conditions might be somewhat strange, but the French film industry has finally been given the green light. With the Covid-19 epidemic now in steady decline, having brought the entire country to a standstill back in mid-March, cinemas throughout France are set to re-open on 22 June and filming can finally resume under the aegis of the Health and Safety Guide for Film Production Activities (which namely insists upon a Covid specialist for all sets, strict measures for the protection of film crews and the disinfection of equipment, and tests and measurements of body temperature carried out on a voluntary basis) and the CNC-steered compensation fund for film shoots, which came into effect on 1 June.

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Promised to the industry by the French President Emmanuel Macron with a view to protecting producers forced to halt filming for reasons relating to Covid-19, the compensation fund endowed with €50m by the State was created and is managed by the CNC. It will cover expenses incurred as a result of a virus-linked break in filming from 1 June onwards, totalling up to 20% of the company’s insured capital (capped at €1.2m). A 15% excess of stoppage costs must be met by the producer (capped at 1% of insured capital). Active until the end of 2020, this fund is not intended for use in the event of another wave of the epidemic or subsequent national lockdown.

All French or majority French productions, whether audiovisual works or films, can subscribe to this fund aimed at film shoots taking place anywhere in the country, providing these works are eligible for CNC aid. Applicants must register their film shoots in advance with the CNC by completing a standard form. In the event of a halt to filming activities, the film’s insurer will be called into action and the case investigated by the CNC.

The French Minister for Culture Franck Riester stressed that "as a result of this fund, it is now possible to obtain contracts with private insurers covering risks over and above the €1.2m cap. Discussions are also continuing with a view to adding to this action plan: with the European Commission on the one hand, so as to cover film shoots in Europe more generally, or co-productions, but also with French regions looking to attract film crews to their lands, and with private partners."

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