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La 30a sesión ACE selecciona 18 productores


- Quince territorios diferentes están representados por los profesionales elegidos para participar a este taller de cuatro fases

La 30a sesión ACE selecciona 18 productores

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ACE Producers has announced the 18 producers selected to participate in the 30th ACE Session (2020/2021) who will go on to join the ACE Network.

The selection committee was made up of members of the ACE board, ACE consultants, president Antoine Simkine and director Jacobine van der Vloed. The selected producers will attend three workshops with a project in development. Fifteen different territories are represented in the selection: Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

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Four events make up the core of the training. The first workshop, dedicated to content development, will take place online in early October with carefully tailored sessions which will aim to stimulate and engage the producers in an online environment. The Content Development Workshop will include group sessions and individual meetings, analysing the concepts, dramaturgy, and target audiences of producers’ projects.

In November, the second workshop, which offers the producers advice on possible financing strategies for their projects, will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, with the support of Film Center Serbia. The week-long workshop will be made up of interactive sessions exploring international financing opportunities and strategies through detailed analysis of the producers’ finance plans, with input provided by high-grade professionals from across the industry. The sessions offer a uniquely open exchange of experience and ideas which sheds light on the evolution of co-production practices, of public and private funding schemes, and of the global marketplace in the digital age.

The third workshop will look at the producers’ business strategies, providing them with models of sustainable company management and ways to build businesses that have real value. The workshop will integrate new elements specifically for this year, to help producers adapt their business models to face the challenges brought forward by the global pandemic. The Business Prospects Workshop will take place in Amsterdam with the kind support of the Netherlands Film Fund and is immediately followed by the ACE Annual Reunion, were the new producers will be officially welcomed into the ACE Network.

The Annual Reunion 2021 will be held in Edinburgh, with the support of Screen Scotland, after the postponement of the 2020 edition which was due to be held there.

The selected producers and projects:

Muayad Alayan - Palcine Productions (Palestine)
Project: O Little Town of Bethlehem - Muayad Alayan

Jacqui Davies - Primitive Film (UK)
Project: After London - Ben Rivers

Stefan Eichenberger - Contrast Film (Switzerland)
Project: Good Boy - Matthias von Gunten

Brian J. Falconer - Out of Orbit (UK)
Project: Harvesting - Michael Lennox

Jessie Fisk - Feline Films (Ireland)
Project: So, Perfect - Nathalie Biancheri

Erik Glijnis - Lemming Film (Netherlands)
Project: Sweet Dreams - Ena Sendijarevic

Lauren Grant - Clique Pictures (Canada)
Project: Mush Hole - Lisa Jackson

Anna-Maria Kantarius - Garage Film International (Sweden)
Project: The Land of the Fern - Ester Martin Bergsmark

Marta Lewandowska - Friends with Benefits Studio (Poland)
Project: Symetry of the Island - Anna Kazejak

Patrice Nezan - Les Contes Modernes (France)
Project: War with the Salamanders - Catherine Maximoff

Sébastien Onomo - Special Touch Studios (France)
Project: Mami Wata - Askia Traoré

Evelin Penttilä - Stellar Film (Estonia)
Project: Beatrice - Ain Mäeots

Giovanni Pompili - Kino Produzioni (Italy)
Project: The Beautiful Summer - Laura Luchetti

Radim Prochazka - Kuli Film (Czech Republic)
Project: In a Storm and Winds - Lukáš Masner

Marija Razgutė - M-FILMS (Lithuania)
Project: Fake News - Karolis Kaupinis

Milan Stojanovic - Sense Production (Serbia)
Project: When the Kids Sing the Hits - Mina Djukic

Joanna Szymańska - Shipsboy (Poland)
Project: Politics of Love - TBD

Vladimir Yatsenko - Limelite/Forefilms (Ukraine)
Project: U are the Universe - Pavlo Ostrikov

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