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Le Groupe Ouest lleva a buen puerto su Selección Anual


- Superando los obstáculos de la crisis sanitaria, Le Groupe Ouest ha conseguido acompañar a los ocho proyectos de autores emergentes de su residencia de escritura

Le Groupe Ouest lleva a buen puerto su Selección Anual
Los directores Lukas Dhont y Angelo Tijssens, cuyo proyecto conjunto Close forma parte de la selección

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"For the very first time, only 50% of the Ouest Group’s Annual Selection process took place on the beaches of Plounéour-Brignogan in 2020. The other half of these sessions were forced to unfold online on account of Covid. And yet the eight chosen projects are a cocktail of considerably rare potency, broaching urgent, necessary and powerfully human topics." For Antoine Le Bos and Charlotte Le Vallégant, who are co-directing the screenwriting mentoring residency, satisfaction is inevitable given the full support these authors were offered between April and December 2020, and by consultants who are themselves scriptwriters (Marcel Beaulieu, Séverine Cornamusaz, Atiq Rahimi and Pierre Hodgson).

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The 2020 Annual Selection, which consists of six first full-length films and two second features (Close by Lukas Dhont and Angelo Tijssens, and Paris 8 by Daouda Coulibaly) and whose mini-synopses were unveiled last April on the Cineuropa website (read our news), can now be viewed in detail in a Post Residency Book of Projects (here, in French). The authors intentions are summarised as follows:

Quand ce sera la fin du monde, on sera riches - Rémi Allier (production: Films Grand Huit and Wrong Men)
How can a child piece herself together and find love and security in a tough and precarious environment when guided by a mother who raises her in denial of the danger posed by nuclear energy and is mistrustful of official and media-sourced information?

Paris 8 - Daouda Coulibaly
Adapted from sociologist Nicolas Jounin’s book Voyage de classes, the director looks to film the development and subsequent emergence of a line of discourse, to show what it is to be liberated and to free one’s silenced voice, and, if possible, to awaken the urge to win such liberation for oneself.

Welcome in North Korea - Jan Czarlewski and Carlotta Verny
What is life like for North Korean diplomats and their families in London? Part comedy, part tragedy and part spy film, the movie follows in the footsteps of the Deputy Ambassador and his family, when the former no longer believes in the criminal regime he represents.

Close - Lukas Dhont and Angelo Tijssens (production: Menuet)
A story about connection, friendship and the loss of the latter. According to American psychologist Niobe Way, boys learn to keep a distance, especially from one another. At a time when toxic examples of masculinity are rife, this is a film about boys who talk and who assume their responsibilities.

Résistance - Jérémy Bernard, Guillaumes Desjardins, Bastien Ughetto
The film looks to portray the modern-day resistance attempts put up by individuals vis-à-vis private interests. Examples such as Plogoff’s village Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Lemoiz nuclear power station, etc. were the inspiration behind this story which is rooted in a very near-future version of deepest France, where water has become the latest subject of financial contention.

L'Ours et l'Ermite - Delphine Maury and Marine Blin (production: Tant Mieux Prod)
This movie combines the beauty of Quentin Blake’s illustrations with the portrayal of an unlikely friendship. It’s a story of tolerance and furtive looks, and of a year spent together, the seasons passing by and lending rhythm to forest life… What can humankind learn from nature, and nature from humankind?

Le Géant dans l'Oursin - Jean-Claude Rozec
A blend of swashbuckling film and fantasy set during the years following the French Revolution, when, paradoxically, the desire to build a fairer society led to violence and obscurantism and the emergence of an uncontrollable giant powered by superstitions and pent up impulses.

J'ai attrapé un esprit - Julien Silloray
The film follows the search for identity embarked upon by a young Guadeloupean who is caught between two worlds, amidst bereavement and a family conflict which reflects his inner conflict and echoes the wider identity crisis faced by the West Indian community: a mixed-race people who sometimes deny their white heritage whilst aspiring to a Western way of life and, at others, lay claim to their black roots whilst rejecting their African heritage.

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