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PRODUCCIÓN / FINANCIACION Noruega / Países Bajos / Dinamarca / Islandia

El Nordisk Film & TV Fond anuncia los recipientes de su nueva ronda de financiación


- El ente nórdico ha entregado más de 3,2 millones de coronas noruegas (alrededor de 314.000 €) en producción y distribución

El Nordisk Film & TV Fond anuncia los recipientes de su nueva ronda de financiación
El director Thomas Seeberg Torjussen, cuya serie Dome 16 ha recibido 245.000 € en financiación (© NRK)

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This week, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond announced the recipients of its latest round of funding. On this occasion, the agency has earmarked over 3.2 million Norwegian crowns (approximately €314,000) in production and distribution bursaries.

The grant of the biggest magnitude (2.5 million Norwegian crowns/€245,000) went to Thomas Seeberg Torjussen’s ten-part TV series Dome 16, produced by Eric Vogel and Ingunn Sundelin for Oslo-based outfit Tordenfilm. The project, penned by the director himself and commissioned by NRK Super, is an adventure-driven love story set 120 years from now. It follows a 14-year-old boy called Anton, who lives in a dome, free from pollution and radiation, large enough to house an entire city. Life inside the dome is for the privileged, with life expectancy at 160, versus just 60 outside the protected zone. Anton, who is craving adventure, meets a girl his age, Emma, part of a large clan outside the dome, who occasionally enters the protected zone with her mum to do odd jobs. While anger and revolt rage outside the dome, the two embark on a relationship and will turn both of their worlds upside down just to be together. The youth-orientated series is being co-produced by Dutch firm Big Blue, with co-financing from DR, SVT, YLE, Storyline Studios, NPO, BNNVARA and the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme, among others.

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The second production supported by the fund is Christian Sønderby Jepsen’s documentary The Fake Will (500,000 Norwegian crowns/€49,000), produced by Mira Jargil for Denmark’s Moving Documentary. In short, The Fake Will is a story about inheritance and the conflicts arising in a rich, dysfunctional family dynasty. The documentary is being co-financed by DR2, VGTV, SVT and the West Danish Film Fund, and is backed by the Danish Film Institute.

Finally, the organisation has awarded Denmark’s True Content Distribution 200,000 Norwegian crowns (€19,600) to support the release of the Norwegian animated flick Two Buddies and a Badger 2 – The Great Big Beast by Gunhild Enger and Rune Spaans, and 59,000 Norwegian crowns (€5,800) go to Iceland’s Sena for the distribution of Anders Thomas Jensen’s Riders of Justice [+lee también:
entrevista: Anders Thomas Jensen
ficha del filme

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