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SARAJEVO 2021 CineLink Industry Days

Los nuevos proyectos de Konstantin Bojanov, Ralitza Petrova, Adrian Sitaru y Tudor Giurgiu, seleccionados en CineLink


- En la selección del mercado bosnio figuran diez largometrajes y seis series, que participan hasta el 25 de junio en el taller preparatorio del CineLink, antes de su presentación en agosto

Los nuevos proyectos de Konstantin Bojanov, Ralitza Petrova, Adrian Sitaru y Tudor Giurgiu, seleccionados en CineLink
La directora Ralitza Petrova, que participa con su proyecto de largometraje, Lust (© Alessio Pizzicannella)

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The Sarajevo Film Festival's co-production market, CineLink, has announced its line-up for 2021, this time around selected after only one call for projects, as opposed to the traditional two.

The selection boasts ten feature films and six drama series, including new feature-length projects by Bulgaria's Konstantin Bojanov (Light Thereafter [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, Ave [+lee también:
entrevista: Konstantin Bojanov
ficha de la película
) and Ralitza Petrova (Godless [+lee también:
entrevista: Ralitza Petrova
ficha de la película
), as well as series by Romania's Adrian Sitaru (The Fixer [+lee también:
entrevista: Adrian Sitaru |
entrevista: Tudor Aaron Istodor
ficha de la película
) and Tudor Giurgiu (Parking [+lee también:
entrevista: Tudor Giurgiu
ficha de la película

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Also in the selection are the highly anticipated first feature film by Serbian auteur Marko Grba Singh and the sophomore effort by Slovenia's Urša Menart (My Last Year as a Loser [+lee también:
entrevista: Timon Sturbej
ficha de la película

The selected projects are currently taking part in the CineLink preparatory workshop until 25 June, ahead of their presentation from 14-19 August. The filmmakers and creators will spend three weeks working with the CineLink staff and the regular team of tutors and consultants on the further development of their projects.

Amra Bakšić Čamo, head of CineLink, said: “We are pleased to see that our sector is getting back on its feet, and this year’s selection of projects in both strands presents very strong, authentic voices across Southeast Europe, which are challenging the realities that we live in. It seems that the pandemic has sharpened our creative lenses, and what connects all of these projects is their emphasis on social and personal responsibility towards the other, and the urgency to be heard through strong, gripping cinematic storytelling.

“The Co-Production Market line-up features first- and second-time directors’ projects, and their common trait is that they are passionate and thought-provoking. This year’s CineLink Drama line-up is very diverse, with established filmmakers and newcomers, and it is a great indicator that this part of the industry is keeping up with the rest of the continent.”

Below are the projects selected:

CineLink Co-Production Market

Everything That's Wrong With You - Urša Menart (Slovenia)
Writer: Urša Menart 
Producer: Danijel Hočevar, Katja Lenarčič 
Production company: Vertigo

Forget the Ocean, Why Not Try Surfing These Insane River Waves - Marko Grba Singh (Serbia/France)
Writer: Marko Grba Singh 
Producer: Dragana Jovović 
Production companies: Non-Aligned Films, Bocalupo Films

Gambit - Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria)
Writers: Konstantin Bojanov, Petar Krumov 
Producers: Katya Trichkova, Konstantin Bojanov 
Production company: Contrast Films

Hesitation Wound - Selman Nacar (Turkey/France)
Writer: Selman Nacar 
Producers: Burak Çevik, Diloy Gülün 
Co-producer: Guillaume De Seille 
Production companies: Kuyu Film, Arizona Productions

Lunatic - Igor Šterk (Slovenia)
Writer: Igor Šterk 
Producer: Petra Vidmar 
Production company: A.A.C. Productions

Lust - Ralitza Petrova (Bulgaria)
Writer: Ralitza Petrova 
Producer: Poli Angelova 
Production company: Aporia Filmworks

Man in a Blue Sweater - Teymur Hajiyev (Azerbaijan/Germany)
Writer: Teymur Hajiyev 
Producer: Teymur Hajiyev, Eva Blondiau 
Production companies: Fil Production, Color Of May

Tekbetek - Ismail Safarali (Azerbaijan)
Writer: Ismail Safarali 
Producer: Naila Safarali 
Production company: Green Garden Films 

Three Miles to the End of the World - Emanuel Parvu (Romania)
Writer: Emanuel Parvu 
Producer: Miruna Berescu 
Production company: Famart Association

Vanja - Aleksandra Odić (Germany)
Writer: Aleksandra Odić 
Producer: Julia I Peters 
Production company: Jip Film und Verleih

Cinelink Drama

Double's Dilemma (Turkey/Colombia)
Creators: Esra Saydam, Mauricio Leiva-Cock 
Writers:  Mauricio Leiva-Cock, Esra Saydam, Melis Aker, Murat Mentes (novel) 
Producers: Atilla Salih Yücer, Juan Diego Villegas, Esra Saydam
Production companies: Karlakum Film, Fidelio Films, Yaka Film

Hooked (Romania)
Creator/director: Adrian Sitaru
Writer: Adrian Sitaru 
Producer: Anamaria Antoci
Production companies: Tangaj Production, 4 Proof Film

Jinx (Croatia) 
Creator: Kristian Novak
Writers: Mario Kozina, Maja Pek-Brünjes 
Producer: Danijel Pek
Production company: Antitalent

The Grand Trial (Hungary)
Creator: Iván Szabó 
Producer: Ádám Farkas 
Production company: Cinesuper

Treasure Of Veleš (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Creator: Tina Šmalcelj 
Producer: Tina Šmalcelj 

Trixy (Romania)
Creator: Tudor Giurgiu 
Writer: Cecilia Stefanescu, Tudor Giurgiu 
Producer: Matei Truta 
Production company: Libra Film Productions

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