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La comedia Locked-in Society de Sönke Wortmann, en postproducción


- La cinta, basada en una obra radiofónica del exitoso autor Jan Weiler, estará protagonizada por Florian David Fitz, Anke Engelke y Justus von Dohnányi

La comedia Locked-in Society de Sönke Wortmann, en postproducción
El equipo de Locked-in Society, con la directora Sönke Wortmann en el centro de la fila de atrás (© Sony Pictures)

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German film director Sönke Wortmann (known for Little Sharks, The Miracle of Bern and the first season of the series Charité) is readying a comedy called Locked-in Society. Set in a German school, the film centres on a father who, one Friday afternoon, knocks on the door of the staff room in order to convince the six teachers still in the building to allow his son to take the Abitur exams. Soon, the situation spirals out of control, and the teachers, after initially looking down on the desperate father, find out that the man is willing to go to any lengths in order to get what he wants. After some unexpected twists, abysses open up for everyone involved.

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Based on an audio play by bestselling author Jan Weiler, who also penned the script, the film will star Florian David FitzAnke EngelkeJustus von DonáhnyiNilam FarooqThomas LoiblTorben Kessler and Thorsten Merten in the main roles.

Filming wrapped on 1 July for this production, which has received support from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF).

Locked-in Society is being produced by Bantry Bay ProductionsEva Holtmann (Cologne) in co-production with ARD Degeto (Frankfurt) and Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion (Berlin). Sony Pictures Entertainment Germany will release the movie in the country’s theatres on 10 March 2022.

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