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FIFDH 2022 FIFDH Industry

FIFDH Impact Days organiza un webinario sobre el cine que ayuda a los derechos humanos


- El evento tendrá lugar el 25 de enero, y se centrará en cómo los narradores pueden reforzar los movimientos existentes y contribuir a conseguir un mundo más justo y sostenible

FIFDH Impact Days organiza un webinario sobre el cine que ayuda a los derechos humanos

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The fourth edition of FIFDH Impact Days, the special programme on impact strategy for documentaries at any stage of production, recently announced its 16 selected projects for this year (see the news). The programme, which is taking place from 7-8 March, as part of the 20th Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), is also organising the preparatory Impact Lab, an online workshop for its participants.

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During the Impact Lab, and under the section of the programme intended for observers, a special webinar is being held focusing on “Impact Filmmaking For Human Rights”, where a wide range of international experts and award-winning filmmakers will share their experiences and know-how on how films can contribute to changing mindsets, behaviours and structures when connected with strategic changemakers. The online webinar is free to access for a restricted number of professionals, and will be held on 25 January from 3 pm-6.30 pm CET. Potential attendees can register here for free.

As for the programme of the webinar, Laura Longobardi, head of Impact and Industry, will welcome the participants, and the opening keynote speech will be given by impact producer and founder of Looky Looky Pictures Ani Mercedes. It will be entitled “Storyteller vs Storybeing: Three Things Filmmakers Do to Have Transformational (Not Transactional) Impact Campaigns”.

Afterwards, Nicole van Schaik, director of development at Doc Society, will present some recent cases of successful impact campaigns, based on her experience strategising with filmmakers and impact producers on how to use their films as strategic tools for social or environmental change. The subsequent presentation will be given by Naomi Walker, the first coordinator of the Global Impact Producers Assembly (GIPA), who will answer the question “What Is an Impact Producer and What (the Hell) is GIPA?”.

The webinar will be rounded off by a panel discussion on “How Can We Create a More Sustainable Eco-system in Impact Funding in These Times of Crisis?”, moderated by Naomi Walker. The participants will be Cara Mertes, founding director of the International Resource for Impact and Storytelling (IRIS); award-winning human rights advocate, producer and impact strategist Rebecca Lichtenfeld, executive director of the InMaat Foundation; and Rasmus Steen, head of documentary film at International Media Support (IMS).

The Impact Days programme will continue from 7-8 March, when a programme of panel discussions, professional meetings, master classes and networking opportunities involving filmmakers, impact producers and changemakers is being organised. More details will be announced soon.

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