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INDUSTRIA / MERCADO Italia / Ucrania / Reino Unido / Israel

Roma Lazio Film Commission e Italian Film Commissions firman acuerdos con Ucrania, Reino Unido e Israel


- CANNES 2022: La organización regional promete acoger talentos ucranianos y presenta el 2° Crossing Script, y la nacional firma un memorándum con la British Film Commission

Roma Lazio Film Commission e Italian Film Commissions firman acuerdos con Ucrania, Reino Unido e Israel
Cristina Priarone (Roma Lazio Film Commission) and Adrian Wootton (British Film Commission) signing the memorandum at the Marché du Film’s Italian Pavilion

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During these intense days of the Marché du Film organised by the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the Italian Pavilion has hosted a number of international initiatives and activities aimed at promoting the Italian audiovisual market. Most noteworthy among these are three commitments made by the Roma Lazio Film Commission and the Italian Film Commissions to the Ukrainian, British and Israeli film industries.

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On 21 May, the Roma Lazio Film Commission presented the second edition of Crossing Script, an initiative devised in collaboration with the Rabinovich Foundation's Israel Cinema Project and dedicated to the development of screenplays set in the Lazio region and in Israel. Those attending the event included Managing Director of the Rabinovich Foundation’s Israel Cinema Project Yoav Abramovich, Managing Director of the Roma Lazio Film Commission Cristina Priarone and Director of International Affairs and Co-Productions for the Rabinovich Foundation’s Israel Cinema Project Osnat Bukofzer.

The following day, the Italian Pavilion hosted the “Rome - Kyiv: Development and Opportunities” meeting, an event born out of the need to support Ukraine’s audiovisual sector at this particularly critical moment in its history. The Roma Lazio Film Commission spoke about its commitment to organising creative residencies in the Lazio region for Ukrainian talent, as well as shared opportunities arising between the Roma Lazio Film Commission, the Ukrainian State Film Agency and the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association. Alongside Cristina Priarone, participants included the head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency Maryna Kuderchuk and the executive director of the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association Victoria Yarmoshchuk.

Last but not least, the Italian Film Commissions - a network of Italian film commissions presided over by Cristina Priarone – has applied its signature to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the British Film Commission. Signed on 20 May, the agreement aims to incentivise cultural, commercial and creative exchange between Italy and the UK, as well as bolstering investments and the development of new, high-end productions in both territories. Recent productions developed jointly by both countries include No Time To Die [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, Dead Reckoning – Part One, Indiana Jones 5, The Little Mermaid, The Beautiful Game and Around the World in 80 Days.

In the words of the British Film Commission’s Chief Executive Adrian Wootton: “Significant European collaborations, such as the one between the UK and Italy, are essential for shared success. [..] We’re keen to work with our Italian friends to strengthen the bonds between our two countries and to trial new ways of working together in the future, both from a creative and a commercial point of view.” Cristina Priarone added: “At this time of great vitality in production all over the world, our association sought to promote this important partnership in order to favour new international partnerships. Building bridges with the UK is a key factor in boosting our production numbers, and this agreement further paves the way for Italian producers and professionals to strengthen their ties with the British audiovisual industry, with the aim of creating more opportunities and exchanges”.

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