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CANNES 2023 Quincena de los cineastas

Julien Rejl, nuevo delegado general de la Quincena de los Cineastas


- El francés sucede a Paolo Moretti a la cabeza de la sección paralela del Festival de Cannes, que cambia de nombre para convertirse en la Quincena de los Cineastas

Julien Rejl, nuevo delegado general de la Quincena de los Cineastas
Julien Rejl

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It has been known for several months (read the news) that Paolo Moretti would be stepping down as delegate general of the Directors' Fortnight, and that the selection process for his successor was underway under the leadership of the SRF (Société des Réalisateurs de Films). The mystery has now been lifted and it is a lucky man who has come out of the hat, a relative surprise given that a woman was predicted. Another novelty: the name of the Fortnight is changing, becoming the “Quinzaine des cinéastes,” a change desired by the SRF in a more inclusive spirit and in order to turn decisively and resolutely politically towards cinema and filmmakers. The French term “cinéastes” can apply to persons of any sex and is therefore more inclusive than “réalisateurs,” which is male.

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The SRF has therefore chosen to entrust the direction of the Fortnight to Julien Rejl, who graduated from the production department of La Fémis in 2009 and who has developed the distribution, international co-productions and international sales departments of Capricci since 2010.

In a press release, the new general delegate recalled that the Fortnight is "the privileged place for audacity and risk-taking, in fiction as well as in documentaries, open to all cinephiles and all genres, in a friendly and non-competitive spirit. The selection also reflects and echoes contemporary political, economic, social and ecological crises and struggles. In this perspective, the Fortnight shows its unwavering support for all filmmakers whose creative freedom is today threatened, prevented or simply not supported.” Julien Rejl also insisted that "The Fortnight also wishes to mobilise alongside producers, distributors and exhibitors to support the movie theatre as the essential place for discovering films."

The 55th edition of the Fortnight will unfold during the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival (from 16 to 27 May 2023).

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