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MIA 2022

El MIA de Roma anuncia las primeras iniciativas de su octava edición


- Las novedades de este año incluyen una sección dedicada a los proyectos de animación y al programa de apoyo B2B Exchange para la industria audiovisual ucraniana

El MIA de Roma anuncia las primeras iniciativas de su octava edición
La directora Malina Mackiewicz, cuyo proyecto Bottom of the Ocean Electric Fish ha sido seleccionado en el Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

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MIA – the International Audiovisual Market in Rome is returning for its 8th edition from 11th to 15th October. The MIA Digital platform will also be back this year, allowing badgeholders remote access to all the sessions on offer.

Novelties announced for this year include the introduction of a new animation section within the Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum, and the B2B Exchange support programme for the Ukrainian audiovisual industry, offering a wealth of content, events and market activities “which bring Ukrainian professionals into the fold and place them at the heart of conversations between members of the global audiovisual industry once again.”

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From this year onwards, the MIA will also benefit from Eurimages’ patronage, and is set to host a convention organised by the international association of European public TV networks, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which leaders of the fiction sector are scheduled to take part in.

The Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum, meanwhile, is scheduled to play host to approximately 70 projects. 13 of these projects, hailing from 12 countries, will make up the new animation section, while 18 documentary projects hailing from 10 countries will be categorised into one-offs, series or products aimed at TV networks or platforms. There will be 15 feature film projects hailing from 10 countries, and at least 10 of these selected projects are the work of women directors, while 12 are first or second films. Likewise gracing the agenda are 15 international series projects with 8 different nationalities.

This year’s MIA will also see the MIA Buyers Club – a programme dedicated to international distribution – adopting a whole new look. Described as “more compact and linear”, the schedule will include a showcase of Italian films due to be ready in 2023 called “What’s Next Italy”, exclusive screenings of premieres, and presentations of international sales agents’ film lists, not to mention C EU SOON, which will showcase European first and second works currently in post-production.

As for confirmed panel discussions, at this point these include “Global Production Landscape: Time to stop saying “Foreign-Language”, which will see a variety of international series producers discussing “trends, experiences and plans for the future of high-end drama production and local content strategies”, and “Multinational Co-Production: Future-proofing creative business models in the independent film business”, during which a group of producers, fund reps and financiers will exchange views on the global ecosystem of independent film production between private equity, governmental funds and tax incentives.

The full line-up of panel discussions will be presented on 6 October.

The projects selected for the Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum are as follows:

Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

At the Edge of the World - Amelia Nanni (Belgium)
Producer: Isabelle Truc (Iota Production)

Bottom of the Ocean Electric Fish - Malina Mackiewicz (Italy)
Producers: Andrea Paris and Matteo Rovere (Ascent Film)

Deep Quiet Room - Ko-Shang Shen (Taiwan)
Producers: Patrick Mao Huang (Flash Forward Entertainment), Sylvia Yea-Chun Shih (Wind Rises Entertainment) and Yu-Ning Chu (Oxygen Films)

Europa - Brwa Vahabpour (Norway)
Producer: Renée Mlodyszewski (True Content Production Norway)

ForasteraLucia Alenar Iglesias (Spain)
Producers: Marta Cruañas Compes, Ariadna Dot and Tono Folguera (Lastor Media)

Jellyfish - Hella Wenders (Germany)
Producer: Léa Germain (Road Movies)

Kelly Fauster is a KillerMarie-Hélène Roux (France)
Producer: Cynthia Pinet (Petites Poupées Production)

Mami WataAskia Traoré (France)
Producer: Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studios)

Orla - Ivan Kavanagh (Ireland)
Producer: Brendan McCarthy (Fantastic Films)

Stranger in a Village - Samir (Switzerland)
Producer: Karin Koch (Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion)

Summer Spell - Rinio Dragasaki (Greece)
Producer: Fenia Cossovitsa (Blonde)

Through the Winter - Anita Rivaroli (Italy)
Producers: Fabrizio Donvito, Marco Cohen, Benedetto Habib and Daniel Campos Pavoncelli (Indiana Production)

Wanna Taste It

BrianzaSimone Catania (Italy/Switzerland)
Producers: Francesca Portalupi (Indyca), Nicola Bernasconi (Rough Cat)

It’s Not Big Deal - Valentina Zanella (Italy)
Producers: Nicola Fedrigoni and Francesca Moino (K+)

The Night BurnsAngelica Gallo (Italy)
Producer: Guendalina Folador (Askesis Film)

Drama Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

#IBelieveHer - 8×45′ (Ireland/UK)
Producer: Pembridge Pictures

ADD - 8×50′ (the Netherlands)
Producer: Submarine

Alpha - 7×52′ (France)
Producer: Les Films du Cygne

Carlisle House - 8×60′ (UK/Italy)
Producer: RubyRock Pictures

Cosplay Girl - 8×30′ (Italy)
Producer: Rodeo Drive

Crimine Infinito - 8×50′ (Italy)
Producer: Fandango

Crimson Crown - 6×52’ (France/Italy)
Producer: Media Musketeers Studios ILBE

Kav Hatefer - 6×50′ (Israel)
Producer: Eran Riklis Productions

L’Alveare - 6×50’ (Italy)
Producer: Fabula Pictures

La Ballata di Mila - 6×50′ (Italy)
Producer: Minerva Pictures

Lumia - 6×45′ (France/Finland)
Producer: Fire Monkey

Mirit and Gingy - 8×45′ (Israel)
Producer: Nawipro

The Abbess - 6×45′ (UK)
Producer: Warp Films

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade - 6×45′ (UK/Canada)
Producer: Dominion Of Drama

The Sudden Appearance of Hope - 8×60′ (UK)
Producer: Three Tables Productions

Doc Pitching Forum

1+1+1 - Ondřej Vavrečka (Czech Republic/Slovakia) (feature film)
Producer: Vit Janeček (D1film)

Baima BoyBingjun Ye (China) (feature film)
Producer: Xinlei Yang (Summery Productions)

Banksy and the Sad Girl - Edoardo Anselmi (Italy/France) (TV one-off)
Producer: Gioia Avvantaggiato (GA&A Productions)

Blue Sphere - Jérôme Bernard (France) (docuseries)
Producers: Damien Megherbi and Nabil Bellahsene (Les Valseurs)

The Bologna Trial - Paolo Fiore Angelini (Italy) (docuseries)
Producer: Serena Gramizzi (Bo Film)

Breaking Bread - Tamara Erde and Mathias Enard (Francia) (TV one-off)
Producer: Emma Lepers (Haut et Court Doc)

The Delivery Line - Nance Ackerman (Canada) (docuseries)
Producer: Sergeo Kirby (Loaded Pictures)

Diary of an InfiltratorSamuel León e Saúl Valverde (Chile/Spain) (docuseries)
Producer: Samuel León (Bioesférica Filmes)

Fragments of a Life LovedChloé Barreau (Italy) (feature film)
Producer: Matteo Rovere (Groenlandia)

Ghost Detainee - The Extraordinary Rendition Of Abu Omar - Flavia Triggiani and Marina Loi (Italy) (feature film)
Producer: Ferdinando Dell’Omo (ILBE)

Imola 1994 - Francesco Merini (Italy) (TV one-off)
Producer: Ilaria Malagutti (Mammut film)

Lost for WordsHannah Papacek (France/UK) (feature film)
Producer: Dorian Blanc (Rétroviseur Productions)

Moscow Nights - Irina Maldea (Ireland/Germany) (TV One-off)
Producer: Brendan Culleton (akaJava films)

Napalm Girl - Valeria Parisi (Italy) (TV One-off)
Producer: Didi Gnocchi (3D Produzioni)

Olhão or NothingGabriele Micalizzi (Italy) (docuseries)
Producer: Livio Basoli (DUDE Originals)

The Rossellini MethodIlaria de Laurentiis (Italy) (feature film)
Producer: Raffaele Brunetti (B&B Film)

Space RisksDaniele De Luca (Italy) (docuseries)
Producer: Vincenzo De Marco (Beagle Media)

Tina: Photographer & Revolutionary Daniela Mujica (Canada) (feature film)
Producer: Eric Idriss-Kanago (Productions Ocho)

Animation Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

Anselmo Wannabe - Massimo Ottoni (Italy/Portugal)
Producer: Federico Turani (Ibrido Studio)

Belzebubs - Samppa Kukkonen (Finland)
Producer: Tehri Väänänen (Pyjama Films)

The Black Diamond RaceSergio Manfio (Italy)
Producer: Francesco Manfio (Gruppo Alcuni)

The Breath of the MountainLorenzo Latrofa (Italy)
Producer: Alessandro Borrelli (La Sarraz Pictures)

Comrades - Olivier Patté (France/Poland/Belgium/Luxembourg)
Producer: Maria Blicharska (Blick Productions)

Echo Boy (the Netherlands)
Producer: Femke Wolting (Submarine)

Felix! He Can Explain Everything! - Thomas Leclercq and Lucas de Thier (France)
Producer: Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions)

Fio Lina and the Maestro (Switzerland)
Producer: Sarah Born (Catpics)

Flydog - Giorgio Scorza e Davide Rosio (Italy)
Producer: Giorgio Scorza (Studio Movimenti)

I Am HelenaKarla von Bengtson (Denmark)
Producer: Sarita Christensen (Copenhagen Bombay)

No Pets! - Boris Bertolini (Italy/Spain/Poland)
Producer: Boris Bertolini (Nuvole e strisce)

Round and Round the Wishing Well - Hugo de Fautcompret (France)
Producer: Ivan Zuber (Laïdak Films)

Sidi Kaba and the Gateway HomeRony Hotin (France/Luxembourg/Belgium/Germany)
Producer: Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studio)

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