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Las narraciones innovadoras europeas en tecnologías inmersivas y realidad extendida ponen rumbo a Tribeca


- Las obras francesas en particular, desde experiencias en realidad mixta hasta estimulantes muestras de realidad aumentada, redefinirán la naturaleza del arte audiovisual en el festival estadounidense

Las narraciones innovadoras europeas en tecnologías inmersivas y realidad extendida ponen rumbo a Tribeca
Maya: The Birth (Chapter 1), de Poulomi Basu

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The 2023 Tribeca Film Festival (7-18 June – see the news) is poised to serve as a global stage for innovation, heralding the evolution of audiovisual works and their various forms. VR, AR, mixed-reality and participatory experiences are present in its Immersive line-up this year, including many works by European creators, thus underscoring the narrative prowess of this progressive medium.

The festival is debuting its first-ever Games & Immersive Experience showcase, training the spotlight on the latest 3D works and immersive games from world-renowned artists. The event celebrates the convergence of different forms of entertainment and their ability to channel impactful social messages. The two categories of selections for this year are the Main Competition and New Voices: both categories honour immersive storytellers, with the Storyscapes Award spotlighting the artists who effectively merge technology and storytelling, while the New Voices Award recognises promising new creators in the immersive narrative sphere.

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According to Tribeca’s vice-president of Games & Immersive, Casey Baltes, “The range of immersive experiences is much broader than it was when we started 11 years ago. Tribeca Festival’s Immersive programme reflects the widest range of methods — from AI, AR, MR and VR to live performance — that we have ever showcased.” Ana Brzezińska, Tribeca Immersive curator, adds: “This year's selection focuses on the coalescence of XR and games, and the rise of a new genre of immersive games. We celebrate artists and activists who choose AI and immersive technology to convey important social messages.”

This year's European contributions exemplify the diversity of contemporary storytelling. Denmark’s The Fury by Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat offers a haunting 360-degree experience and two-channel video exploring the sexual exploitation of female political prisoners. French creators Pierre-Alain Giraud and Stéphane Foenkinos are bringing along an immersive, mixed-reality installation called Colored, adapted from Tania de Montaigne's award-winning biographical essay, tackling the forgotten story of civil rights activist Claudette Colvin.

Another French work, Maya: The Birth (Chapter 1) by award-winning studio Floréal and activist Poulomi Basu, offers an immersive VR journey following a girl as she transforms into a superhero whose powers derive from her menstrual cycle. As Maya experiences her first period, she is thrown into chaos, coming face to face with her conservative family's restrictive customs and discovering a world of concealed disgrace, stigma and taboo within modern-day London. Other French works in the line-up include a mixed-reality piece about a museum housing the largest collection of monsters in human history, Monstrorama, created and directed by Clément Deneux; Pierre Zandrowicz and Matt Tierney’s In Search of Time, combining AI and traditional film techniques; and a series of true stories in augmented reality for Instagram and Snapchat, co-produced by ARTE France and supported by the CNC, Fortune, where seven people share their stories about how financial factors shape their existence, as well as discussing their reliance on monetary means for survival, and their belief in its potential to provide happiness or liberty. These oeuvres further spotlight European talents and their determination to push the boundaries of the immersive narrative.

Tribeca’s full Immersive line-up can be found here.

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