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La Sala Web de Venecia presenta once títulos en línea


- Tres largometrajes de Biennale College–Cinema y ocho cortometrajes de Orizzonti se podrán ver en streaming a la vez que su presentación en el Lido

La Sala Web de Venecia presenta once títulos en línea
L’anno dell’uovo, de Claudio Casale

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This year, the Venice International Film Festival’s Sala Web is presenting 11 titles online as world premieres, available to stream at the same time as they are officially presented on the Lido. They comprise the three features from Biennale College–Cinema (the international lab for the creation of microbudget features, which has now reached its 11th edition) and eight short films from the Orizzonti section (the latter available free of charge). The screenings will take place as live streams, with a cap on the number of viewers.

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The eight short films, available for free all over the world, can be accessed from the Biennale website, with the screenings hosted on behalf of the Mostra on the website run by Festival Scope, which requires registration. Each title (in its original language with subtitles) will be available to stream starting at 6pm (Italian time) on the day of its official presentation on the Lido, up until 30 September, for a limited number of viewers.

The three features in the Biennale College-Cinema section of the 80th Venice Film Festival, which are restricted to Italy only, will be accessible from the Biennale website on a separate site run by, on the Biennale Cinema Channel streaming platform. To watch the films, in their original language with Italian subtitles, simply purchase a subscription to the Biennale Cinema Channel platform (be it monthly, quarterly or annual). Each of the films being world-premiered will be aired at a specific time, similar to a traditional movie screening, and following this, the title will be available for a further five days until the end of the available streams.

Here are the films on the Sala Web programme:

Biennale College – Cinema features

Firedream - José Pablo Escamilla (Mexico) (starting Thursday 31 August)
The Year of the Egg [+lee también:
ficha de la película
- Claudio Casale (Italy) (starting Friday 1 September)
Árni [+lee también:
ficha de la película
- Dorka Vermes (Hungary) (starting Saturday 2 September)

Orizzonti short films

A Short Trip - Erenik Bequiri (France) (starting Thursday 7 September)
Dive - Aldo Iuliano (Italy) (starting Thursday 7 September)
Dar Saaye Sarv (In the Shadow of the Cypress) - Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani (Iran) (animation) (starting Thursday 7 September)
Sentimental Stories - Xandra Popescu (Germany) (starting Thursday 7 September)
Bogotá Story - Esteban Pedraza (Colombia/USA) (starting Friday 8 September)
Duan Pian Gushi (Short Story) - Wu Lang (China) (starting Friday 8 September)
Area Boy - Iggy London (UK) (starting Friday 8 September)
If the Sun Drowned into an Ocean of Clouds - Wissam Charaf (France/Lebanon) (starting Friday 8 September)

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