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Baltic Film and Media School

actualización 14/10/2013

Baltic Film and Media School

Presentation & Philosophy:

Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) is the only higher-educational institution in Northern Europe teaching film, television and media studies in English. It offers hands-on three-year BA and two-year MA programmes.

Classes are taught by academics and professionals from all over the world. During first year of studies, students already start with practical tasks and assignments, and eventually graduate with an internationally accredited university degree. BFM offers new and well-equipped study and production environment in the capital city of Tallinn. BFM courses are geared towards providing practical skills to enter today's changing media and film landscape right after graduation.

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Number of students/ full-time/ part-time workshops: more than 400 degree students and 250 participants in different training courses every year

Number of students in Film Department/ Media Department: around 150 film and 250 media students

Number of international students: around 80 international students from more than 20 countries

Degree category / length of studies: 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisual Media, 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Crossmedia Production, 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Film Arts (in Estonian), 2-year Master of Arts in Film Arts, 2- year Master of Arts in Crossmedia Production, 2- year Master of Arts in Audiovisual Media: Documentary, 2- year Master of Arts in Sound and Film Sound Engineering, 2- year Master of Arts in Theater and Film Directing (in Estonian)

Programme objective and structure:

The 3-year Audiovisual Media BA programme adopts a learning-by-doing approach to deliver the skills and understanding essential for the production of audiovisual content for multiple platforms. Students acquire hands-on experience in developing and creating audiovisual work in a variety of formats, including TV programmes, short films, documentaries, music videos, advertising, and corporate videos.

The English-language curriculum includes both practical and theoretical courses and prepares graduates for careers in the television and media industry as producers, journalists, directors, editors and cameramen.

The 3-year Crossmedia Production BA programme- BFM is a crossmedia pioneer in the region, offering this innovative new programme in a multicultural and creative environment where you will be surrounded by colleagues and internationally recognized teaching staff from many different countries. Interdisciplinary studies combine the areas of IT, management and audiovisual media production, offering both theoretical grounds and exciting practical assignments. Students can enjoy newly built production facilities and up-to-date technical equipment at their disposal for completing practical works.

The 2-year Film Arts MA programme, divided into an initial year of taught classes on the principal filmmaking professions, and a second year dedicated to the completion of final examination films, is designed for students with prior training and experience in filmmaking. During the first year, students are supervised individually and in teams by tutors in a hands-on learning process. In the second year, students develop the scripts for their Master’s Thesis films, and produce them in complete student teams under the supervision of international tutors. The programme offers specializations on:

  • Film Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Film and TV Art Design
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Screenwriting
  • Film Theory

A new innovative 2-year MA programme in Crossmedia Production trains future professionals in audiovisual production for multiple platforms, creative business development and applications for interactive media. It is a joint programme with the University of Tartu and Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Latvia). Emphasising a practical hands-on approach, the programme is also in close co-operation with leading media and communication companies in the Baltics.


2- year Audiovisual Media: Documentary MA is designed for creative, socially and culturally active people with previous degree and/or professional experience in film, media or other cultural fields. While building on the existing knowledge and skills, the programme offers both deeper analytical reflection of documentary film and also extensive practical creative work in documentary genres.

2- year Sound and Film Sound Engineering MA is a joint program between BFM and University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. During the first year, students are supervised individually and in teams by masters in a hands-on learning process. In the second year, students develop and complete their graduation works. Applicants are expected to have prior skills and knowledge in film sound and/or sound engineering that allow them to focus on practical film sound directing, recording and mixing from week one under the supervision of internationally acknowledged professionals. All student works are developed and produced in teams, closely reproducing the industry work flow in order to facilitate graduates’ transition to the professional environment and launch their individual careers.



Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School
Narva Rd 27, 10120, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: + 372 6199900
Fax: + 372 6199901

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