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The National Film School of Denmark

actualización 20/03/2011

The National Film School of Denmark

Presentation and philosophy:

The National Film School of Denmark is a state school, financially supported by the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Founded in 1966, it is situated on the small island of Frederiksholm in the harbour of Copenhagen.

There are four study programmes available: film, TV, scriptwriting and animation directing. The teaching aims to develop and support each student's unique talent. Students learn the craft of filmmaking to ensure their future employment in the professional film and media industry. The teaching programme is a mixture of theoretical and practical training and includes a large number of exercises and productions. The students' final project is a film produced on a professional level and presented to the public on national TV.

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Number of students/ full-time/ part-time workshops: 96

Number of international students: 1-2 every year

Degree category/length of studies:

There are four study programmes available: film, TV, scriptwriting and animation. The animation course lasts four-and-a-half years. Film and television are four-year programmes, and scriptwriting two-year programmes.

Course content and structure:

Film Education: The film education programme is a four year course which gives students a professional training in feature films, short films, documentary films and TV drama. The film programme is divided into five specialisations in directing, producing, cinematography, sound design and editing. Each specialty programme takes on six students every other year.

The curriculum focuses on fiction storytelling, but also provides training in documentary filmmaking and animation.

During the last year of study, in teams of 5 the students produce a graduation film around 30 minutes in length. The graduation films are shown in cinemas around Denmark and are broadcast on DR1, the major Danish TV channel.

TV Education: The four-year programme offers a mix of theoretical and practical training in TV documentary filmmaking, and TV production with multiple cameras. Students are taught to develop their visual style and to make it accessible to audiences.

Scriptwriting: Over a two-year programme, students are taught scriptwriting for feature film, short film, TV series and online content. They work closely with other students in film direction and film production.

Animation education: Students are taught the basic elements of animation direction, animation methodology, elements of film narrative, interactive narrative, production methodology, technology, computer games, story board, sound, directing, screenwriting, editing and drama.

Entry requirements:

In order to be admitted to the National Film School of Denmark, you must be able to speak and understand Danish.

No diploma or former education is in itself a guarantee of admission. All students must pass an entrance test including both practical exercises and interviews.

The National Film School of Denmark
Theodor Christensens Plads 1, 1437 Copenhagen
Tel +45 32 68 64 00

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