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ECAM, The Madrid Film School

actualización 10/05/2019

ECAM, The Madrid Film School

Presentation & Philosophy:

ECAM, The Madrid Film School, is a cultural non-profit foundation whose core aims are to train new generations in audiovisual studies and to promote cultural activities within the audiovisual industry. Our students, teachers and staff (current and former) are our biggest asset.

More than 400 professional from industries such as film, TV and advertising participate in our courses, post-production tasks and shooting sessions every year, transferring knowledge to new generations in this field. Our faculty, as well as the institutional relations we keep within the industry, are bridges created between the school and the market which facilitate our students’ access to the job market.

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We offer an array of qualifications, namely Undergraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Programmes, Open Courses, and Continuing Professional Development Courses. All of these suit real needs in the audiovisual industry and job market and have been designed following a practical approach.

Also, ECAM presents THE SCREEN, a new brand designed to promote the production of feature films, support emerging talent and invigorate the audiovisual fabric.

THE SCREEN will bring together a group of pioneering projects in Spain, such as THE INCUBATOR, a feature-film development program for producers, directors and screenwriters residing in Spain.

ECAM prides itself on representing the beginning of its students’ career, rather than the final step in their academic lives. We believe in learning by doing as the only gateway to the filmmaking craft.

Number of students/ full time/ part time workshops: 500 students per year.

Number of students in film/animation studies: 72% of students get a job after completing their studies

Number of international students: 25% of students are from other countries specially LATAM.

Number of teachers: 400 professionals on a non permanent basis.

Degree category / length of studies:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Cinematography (3 years) with a major starting the second year:

    • Film Direction
    • Documentary Filmmaking
    • Cinematography
    • Screenwriting
    • Editing
    • Sound Engineering
    • Production
    • Art Direction
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography:

    • Cinematography (1 year)
    • Audiovisual Distribution (1 year)
    • Film Critic (1 year)
    • Costume Design (2 years)
    • Creative Direction in Branded Content and Fashion Films (1 year)
    • Vfx Monitoring (1 year)
    • Executive Production (1 year)
    • Series Screenwriting (1 year)
  • Courses in Cinematography:

    • Introduction to Film Direction
    • Film Direction Advance
    • Assistant Film Direction
    • Script Analysis and Directing Actors
    • Series Screenwriting
    • Script
    • Two-Week Filmmaking Workshop in English
  • Workshops:

    • Workshops for Schools and High-Schools
    • Summer Camp (From 8 To 17 Y/O)
    • Workshops for Teachers
  • International seminaries:

    • We invite great filmmakers from all over the world (Walter Murch, Vittorio Storaro, Lucrecia Martel, Albert Serra…) to give seminaries

Programme objective and content:

Reproducing the Audiovisual Industry’s scheme, ECAM’s Diplomas have as a main objective to shape specialized professionals in the different filmmaking roles. Through a curriculum based on horizontal and vertical knowledge transmission and learning from their colleagues each day, ECAM learning method encourages the development of personal relationships, required for the future professional performance of our students.

The different diplomas have a practical approach. During the filming and production exercises, lessons are substituted with tutorials with the diploma coordinator and renowned professionals.

All students shared exercises’ pitches and analysis sessions are another important part of ECAM’s distinctive teaching model. The school productions are always thrilling experiences conducted with great professionalism and discipline.

Entry requirements: a personal interview and motivation letter. Sometimes, in postgraduate programmes is necessary to do an exam.

School Information:
C/ Juan de Orduña, 3
Ciudad de la Imagen
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

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