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by Jesper Ganslandt


Krister wakes up on a bathroom floor, filthy and disoriented. He hurries out of the house and rushes off to work, frantically rearranging his day over his cellphone. He's a driving instructor, but within a few minutes he viciously berates one of his clients then storms off, all the while screeching at his bosses and co-workers over his headset. What follows is a long day's journey into an increasingly dark night, with each new revelation more shattering than the last.

international title: The Ape
original title: Apan
country: Sweden
sales agent: TrustNordisk
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Jesper Ganslandt
release date: SE 01/10/2009
screenplay: Jesper Ganslandt
cast: Lennart Andersson, Lena Carlsson, Thore Flygel, Niclas Gillis, Samuel Haus, Anders Johannisson, Françoise Joyce, Sean Pietrulewicz
cinematography by: Fredrik Wenzel
film editing: Jesper Ganslandt
art director: Catharina Nyqvist Ehrnrooth
producer: Jesper Kurlandsky
production: Fasad AB
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