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by Pascal Chaumeil


Your daughter is going out with a nasty character? Your sister has got stuck in a destructive, passionate relationship? Nowadays, there is a radical solution available; it’s called Alex. His job is professional couple-wrecker. His method is seduction. His mission is to transform any boyfriend into an ex. But Alex has an ethical code, he only deals with couples where the woman is unhappy. So why does he agree to break up a rich and happy couple in their thirties who are getting married in a week’s time?

international title: Heartbreaker
original title: L'Arnacoeur
country: France
sales agent: Kinology
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Pascal Chaumeil
release date: FR 17/03/2010, BE 17/03/2010, GR 10/06/2010, IE 02/07/2010, UK 02/07/2010, CZ 26/08/2010, PL 13/08/2010, ES 22/10/2010, DE 06/01/2011, IT 11/02/2011
screenplay: Laurent Zeitoun, Jeremy Doner, Yoann Gromb
cast: Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, Julie Ferrier, François Damiens, Héléna Noguerra, Andrew Lincoln, Jacques Frantz, Amandine Dewasmes, Geoffrey Bateman
cinematography by: Thierry Arbogast
film editing: Dorian Rigal-Ansous
art director: Hervé Gallet
costumes designer: Charlotte Betaillole
music: Klaus Badelt
producer: Yann Zenou, Laurent Zeitoun, Nicolas Duval-Adassovsky
production: Quad Films (Quad Cinéma/Yume/Splendido)
distributor: Universal Pictures Universal Pictures International France, Victory Productions, Revolver Entertainment, Monolith Films, Hollywood Classic Entertainment, A Contracorriente Films, Lucky Red

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