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by Goran Vojnović


An old Italian man visits house in the Slovenian seaside city Piran where he was born. There he meets a Bosnian man and Slovenian woman who went through similarly tragically events 50 years ago at the end of Second World War. Thre three different and unusual life stories begin to cross in an emotional historical-love story.

international title: Pirano
original title: Piran
country: Slovenia
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Goran Vojnović
film run: 100'
screenplay: Goran Vojnović
cast: Mustafa Nadarević, Boris Cavazza, Nina Ivanišin, Moamer Kasumović, Peter Musevski, Nataša Tič Ralijan, Janko Petrovec, Daniel Veznaver
cinematography by: Radovan Čok
film editing: Janez Bricelj
art director: Urša Loboda
costumes designer: Zvonka Makuc
producer: Franci Zajc
production: Arsmedia, Jadran Film, RTV Slovenija
backing: Slovenian Film Fund
distributor: Ljubljanski Kinematografi
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