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by Wang Xiaoshuai


Contemporary Beijing. Guei has just arrived from the village. He finally finds a job as a delivery boy and is paid ten yuan per trip. Once he is able to earn 600 yuan, he will own the silver mountain bike he uses for deliveries, and will be able to make a decent living. So Guei puts up with his customers complaints and concentrates on working hard.
Just when he has almost finished paying for it, Guei's bicycle disappears. He runs all over Beijing in search of his bicycle.

international title: BEIJING BICYCLE
original title: SHIQI SUI DE DAN CHE
country: France, China, Taiwan
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Wang Xiaoshuai
film run: 113'
release date: FR 25/04/2001, BE 04/07/2001, ES 31/10/2001, IT 07/12/2001, GR 21/12/2001, DE 28/03/2002, CH 28/03/2002, UK 28/06/2002
screenplay: Wang Xiaoshuai, Tang Danian, Peggy Chiao, Hsu Hsiao-Ming
cast: Cui Lin, Li Bin, Xun Zhou, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Shuang, Zhao Yiwei
cinematography by: Liu Jie
film editing: Ju-kuan Hsiao, Hongyu Yang
art director: Wang Wenjun
costumes designer: Pang Yan
music: Wang Feng
producer: Fabienne Vonier
production: Pyramide Productions
distributor: Pyramide Distribution
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