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by Isaki Lacuesta


The best way to escape your persecutors without trace is to walk backwards over your own footsteps. That was the belief of François Augiéras, who painted every inch of the walls of a military bunker in the desert and let it sink into the sand so that no-one would find it till the 21st Century. But who is Augiéras? A legionnaire, painter, writer, gangster, saint, thief, devil, or a little bit of them all?

international title: The Double Steps
original title: Los pasos dobles
country: Spain, Switzerland
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Isaki Lacuesta
film run: 86'
release date: ES 23/09/2011
screenplay: Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo
cast: Miquel Barceló, Josef Nadj, Amon Dolo, Amasagú Dolo, Bokar Dembele, Alou Cissé, Soumaila Sabata, Mamadou Camara
cinematography by: Diego Dussuel
film editing: Domi Parra
art director: Sébastian Birchler
music: Gerard Gil
producer: Luisa Matienzo
production: Tusitala, Bord Cadre films
distributor: Avalon

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