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by Andrew Haigh


After a Friday night out clubbing, the cautious and introspective Russell wakes up the following morning to find Glen in his bed. While both men envisaged their drunken tryst to be little more than a one-night-stand, in the sober light of day something unexpected happens and the pair sit around and begin to talk. Over the course of the weekend, Russell and Glen get to know each other and begin to discover a connection deeper than anything they had anticipated.

international title: Weekend
original title: Weekend
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: The Film Collaborative/Los Angeles
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrew Haigh
film run: 96'
release date: UK 04/11/2011, PL 27/01/2012, FR 28/03/2012, NL 05/04/2012, NO 15/06/2012, SE 29/06/2012, BE 04/07/2012, ES 15/02/2013, IT 10/03/2016
screenplay: Andrew Haigh
cast: Tom Cullen, Chris New
cinematography by: Urszula Pontikos
film editing: Andrew Haigh
art director: Sarah Finlay
producer: Tristan Goligher, Claire Mundell
production: Glendale Picture Company, The Bureau, EM Media
distributor: Peccadillo Pictures, Abc Distribution, Cinemien, GMfilms, Surtsey Films, Teodora Film, Outplay Films
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