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by Zdenek Jirasky


This film debut deals with the world of social relationships and desperate characters, longing to break free from the fated environment and wishing to make their dream of a normal life come real. Inevitable cruelty with which the stories of all the characters are intertwined, recalls the British social dramas of the nineties...

international title: Flower Buds
original title: Poupata
country: Czech Republic
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Zdenek Jirasky
film run: 93'
screenplay: Zdenek Jirasky
cast: Vladimír Javorský, Malgorzata Pikus, Marika Soposká, Miroslav Pánek, Natálie Rehorová, Aneta Krejcíková
cinematography by: Vladimír Smutný
film editing: Petr Turyna
art director: Jan Novotný
costumes designer: Iva Raskova
music: Martin Prikryl
producer: Viktor Schwarcz, Jordi Niubo, Jaroslav Kučera
production: Cineart Tv, IO- in/out, Czech Television - Česká televize

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